Foreign language club to host cultural food fair


Corey Minton

The food at the fair is set up in a buffet style so that faculty and staff can pick an choose. FLC is expecting around 25 different dishes.

Sonia Yost

On Feb. 25, the Fanatics of Language and Culture (FLC) will be holding its annual cultural food fair. Unlike previous years, the fair will be held in Veronica Skmora’s room (A225).  Members of FLC will be bringing in food items such as matzah ball soup, noodle kugel and affogato. The fair is not open to students and will be open all day. 

“I’m very excited for the faculty and staff to experience a different culture through the taste of food,” said club president Reiley Williams. 

Along with the fair, FLC will also be selling Mardi Gras beads on the bridge. Students can buy them for a chance to win a plate of food for themselves.