Community responds following tragedy


Jada Quinn

Gathering as a community. Citizens of Altoona come together to hold a candlelit vigil for Pfirsching on the night of Friday, Feb. 28 at Jefferson Park. There were candles and hot chocolate provided at the vigil for the large turnout of people. The next event for Pfirsching will be in Jefferson Park on Saturday, March 7; It will be a walk.

Jada Quinn, Reporter

After tragic events occurred in Altoona, the community has responded. 

A GoFundMe was created for Devon Pfirshing’s family to help them grieve without financial burdens. The goal for the GoFundMe was $10,000, and it went over double the amount within just a few days of being up. The amount currently donated to the GoFundMe is $30,875, which is over triple the targeted amount. 

On Friday, Feb. 28, there was a candlelit vigil at Jefferson park in honor of Pfirshing.  Pfirshing’s life was tragically taken at only the age of 15. His family, friends, and other members of the community gathered at Pfirshing’s memorial in Jefferson park to light candles and show their respect. 

“Devon was an amazing person and I’m sure he will never be forgotten,” Layla Shelow said.

After the vigil, Pfirshing’s close friends and family gathered at his house. 

There is an upcoming walk on Saturday, March 7, that starts at Jefferson Park. It is a peace walk in honor of Pfirsching. The walk is to promote peace.