Students create bracelets to memorialize Pfirshing

Following the assembly the school held, some students felt the need to create something to remember Pfirshing. Juniors Natalie Boose and Emily-Grace Garwood along with the Junior Class Committee will be selling bracelets in the upcoming weeks to remember Pfirshing. 

I got this idea after noticing we did not have anything to remember Devon following the class meetings. We wanted something everyone could have to remember him,” Garwood said. 

We just felt like there was more to be done,” Boose said. 

The Junior Class Committee will be sponsoring the sale. 

“The bracelets will cost $1. The bracelets will be white with light blue lettering and will say “LLD” and “Devon” in cursive,” Garwood said. 

As of right now, the proceeds may be put into a scholarship in Pfirshing’s name. 

Currently, we are talking to Mr. McGinnis about putting the money in a scholarship fund for an AAHS wrestler in Devon’s name. Mr. McGinnis has to talk to Mr. Neely about this; we will have a definite answer next week,” Garwood said. 

Boose and Garwood hope the bracelets have a positive impact on the school community. 

“One thing that I hope comes out of this is that we come together as a community,” Boose said. 

“I feel the impact will be positive, as everyone loved Devon and remembered his caring nature, and now they will have a bracelet to remind them of him every day,” Garwood said.