Skinny Dip captivates readers


Sonia Yost

“Skinny Dip” by Carl Hiaasen is a 2004 crime fiction novel. The story focuses on the attempted murder of Joey Perrone.

Sonia Yost, Reporter

“Skinny Dip” is a 2004 crime fiction novel by Carl Hiaasen. Hiaasen’s works generally highlight some form of an environmental issue in Florida. This book is no exception as it highlights pollution in the Everglades. 

The story follows Chaz Perrone, a crooked Marine Biologist who fakes numbers on the Everglades to allow pollution to continue. When he thinks his wife, Joey, is getting too close to the truth, he pushes her off a cruise liner, sending her death. However, Joey had no idea what Chaz was up to.  Joey is an excellent swimmer and survives to find her way to an island where she meets Mike Stranahan, an ex-cop. Now, Joey wants revenge on Chaz and Mick is happy to help. Along the way, they uncover more than what they were looking for. 

Hiaasen’s other works such as “Hoot,” “Flush” and “Scat” also make good reads. These books also focus on environmental issues in Florida such as the destruction of animal habitats, water pollution and illegal digging in protected areas. 

This book was quite humorous, and Hiassen has a great sense of comedic timing. The story is filled with action, mystery and enough drama to entertain all readers. The book is fairly easy to read and follow, even as more characters and plot lines are introduced.