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Fetter speaks on Wallen’s double album release 


Jocelyn Fetter, Reporter

In case you’ve been living under a rock, I’m here to let you know that Morgan Wallen finally dropped his double album “Dangerous” on Jan. 8, 2021. Wallen has been dropping singles here and there before the release of his album, “7 Summers”, “Cover Me Up”, “Heartless”, and “More Than My Hometown” which are to be included on this album as well. And that’s just to name a few. 

Prior to the release of the album, Wallen made a video on social media platform “TikTok” that his album was leaked before it was supposed to be released. 

He states in his video:

“Hey y’all. It’s been brought to my attention that some of my music, well my album, has leaked at some Walmarts around the country. I don’t know how that’s possible but it has…” 

Wallen then said he is glad to see that everyone is so eager to hear his music but he doesn’t want Walmart to be the people leaking his music when he’s been working this long on it. He then released five more tik toks following his first video leaking songs that will be on the album including, “Warning”, “Dangerous”, “Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt”, “865”, and “Somethin’ Country”. 

The album holds thirty tracks, including the four singles mentioned earlier. 

The tracks include: 

  1. Sand in My Boots 
  2. Wasted on You 
  3. Somebody’s Problem 
  4. More Surprised Than Me 
  5. 865
  6. Warning 
  7. Neon Eyes (explicit) 
  8. Outlaw (feat. Ben Burgess) 
  9. Whiskey’d My Way
  10. Wondering’ Bout the Wind
  11. Your Bartender 
  12. Only Thing That’s Gone (feat. Chris Stepleton) 
  13. Cover Me Up 
  14. 7 Summers
  15. More Than my Hometown 


  1. Still Goin Down 
  2. Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt 
  3. Dangerous 
  4. Beer Don’t 
  5. Blame It on Me
  6. Somethin’ Country 
  7. This Bar 
  8. Country A** S***
  9. Whatcha Think of Country Now 
  10. Me on Whiskey 
  11. Need a Boat 
  12. Silverado for Sale 
  13. Heartless 
  14. Livin’ the Dream 
  15. Quittin’ Time 


This album is one of the best albums I have ever listened to. I listen to this album every day and there’s not a single song I get sick of hearing. Out of all the albums Wallen has, this one is most definitely my favorite. Wallen made us wait a long time but the wait was so worth it. 

However I know a double album is a lot of songs to listen to for those just want to see if they will like his music, so here are my top five songs to listen to for just trying out some Wallen music. 

  1. Livin’ the Dream: This song was released in Nov. of 2020 as a single, and I still don’t think it is receiving the hype it deserves. Wallen released a video on his TikTok about this song and he talks to his fans about how it’s the most personal song he has ever written and he wasn’t even going to release it, but boy am I so glad he did. 
  2. Wasted on You: This song will put you in your bag even if you’re in the best mood possible because it’s so good. This song is one of the ones you blast with your friends going down a back road reminiscing on any heartbreak you’ve ever felt so you can truly feel the effects of the grace from this song. 
  3. This Bar: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, this song is literally one of the best songs I have ever listened to. I have so many of my friends hooked on this song now and I just cannot get enough, it’s the right amount of upbeat and sing it from your chest type of moment. 
  4. Your Bartender: This song is one you play when you’re feeling a little blue or missing someone/questioning things and it just says everything that you don’t know how to feel. 
  5. Sand in My Boots: Put the windows down, pull into a big empty parking lot, start the song and get out of the car and dance with the love of your life. That’s the only way I can think of describing this song, and even that description doesn’t give it justice.