Marasco joins staff as new math teacher


Olivia McMinn

Caleb Marasco is a first year math teacher at the high school. He is a graduate of the Altoona Area School District himself and is happy to be returning to his hometown.

Olivia McMinn, Guest Writer

The school gained a new math teacher this year; Caleb Marasco is a first year math teacher. He was born and raised in Altoona and has come back to his alma mater to teach. Being a graduate from the school made Altoona a clear choice. 

“I am originally from Altoona, so the appeal is just that it feels like home. Growing up in Altoona and going to Altoona High, I think it is great that I am back teaching with all of my past teachers. My area of expertise is mathematics at the moment.  I want to extend it to communications and chemistry eventually,” Marasco said. 

According to Marasco, there are many things to love about being a teacher. 

“I think the best thing about being a teacher is creating great relationships with the students and colleagues. I also love to be able to help students in any way that I can. It is a great feeling whenever I know I helped a student succeed in something. I want the students to want to be in the classroom and love learning as much as I do. Another thing I love about teaching is that I am always learning, too. I am learning better ways to do things. My students will always be teaching me as I teach them,” Marasco said. 

Marasco student taught at Mckeesport High School after graduating from Penn State with a degree in math and secondary education.  He wants to be involved with extra curricular activities as a teacher at Altoona as well. 

“While student teaching, I made time to help by being an assistant coach with the soccer team and swimming team at McKeesport High School.  I wish to continue doing both of those things and getting involved with the drama club as well.  I was involved while I was here at high school, but haven’t been since,” Marasco said. 

Now, because of the global pandemic, teaching looks a lot different. The virtual learning aspect is now the reality. 

“Virtual learning can be successful when done right.  I also think that it is extremely difficult.  For people to sit on a computer all day with small breaks is difficult.  It is definitely not easy and also, not ideal.  It is not the best way to learn or build student-teacher relationships.  Also, it disrupts all of the other extracurricular activities in the student’s lives.  You don’t get the best education when teaching virtually,” Marasco said. 

Marasco is eager to start at the high school.