Got Music?


Jocelyn Fetter, Reporter

Got music? My friends sure do. This week I asked 10 of my friends to send me their favorite songs. I listened to their songs, and here’s what I think. 

First up on the list, Philip Lockard (11). 

Philip chose the song, Change. This song is by Alz X 38. 

My initial reaction is that it has a pretty decent beat. As I listened to the song I notice that it’s a pretty short song, and I notice when I read the lyrics they talk about a lot of random things but a lot of the things they’re rhyming are serious topics. 

Second, Hunter Homan (12). He chose the song, See you again by Whiz Khalifa. 

I have heard this song before, and I’m sure everyone else has too. This song makes me think of musically days, ya know… the app before TikTok. It also weirdly makes me think of 2019 which is weird because it came out in 2015… Yeah I don’t know either anymore. 

Third, Cameron Pittman (12). Pittman chose She’s Country by Jason Aldean. I know this song very well. Hearing this song makes me think of Froggy 98 playing in my grandma’s kitchen on warm summer afternoons while dinner is in the oven. I love this song, this song holds amazing memories for me… good choice Pittman. 

And onto the next, Justin Eckenrode (12). Eckenrode chose Fade to Black by Metallica. This is a song that makes me think of a family barbecue when your uncle pulls up, windows down, Metallica blasting, and ready to get this shindig started. This song holds some fond memories for me as well. The dynamic here is uncanny. 

And continuing on, Kamryn Ryen (graduated). Ryen chose, Remember When by Black Wolves. This is a song I remember listening to with my dad in our old Jeep with the windows down and heading up the mountain. This song is something that seems like it’s older than what it is, but it’s such a good song, and I strongly recommend it. 

And we’re still going, Ericka Selfridge (12). Selfridge chose Sand in My Boots by Morgan Wallen. Of course I support this choice! If you’ve been to my blog beforehand, you very well know how I felt about this album. This song is just beautiful and it makes me happy to listen to it. Ericka and I play this song on repeat, and I will never get sick of it. 

Wyatt Kuhn (10)- Black by Pearl Jam  This song is another oldie, but I can’t complain. I have to give creds to my mom for educating me on this one, and I have to give her creds for giving me a fraction of the musical culture I have obtained over the years. This song is definitely good, definitely worth listening to… but I’m not sure if it is meant for everyone. I don’t know, if you like it definitely let me know. 

Ian Miller (10) chose In the Mouth a Desert by Pavement. I don’t think I have ever heard this song before. Ian might have played this in the car a time or two, and I didn’t pay attention. I have never picked this song out of a playlist on my own. The song was not horrible, the song was decent. I just don’t know if I would ever listen to it again. 

Andrew Moudy (11), chose Days by the Drums. I loved this song. This song made me want to drive around with the windows down on a sunny day. I loved this song because it really made me think about being happy and having a fun day with my friends and being in love in the 60’s. 

And last.  Caleb Henderson (12)- Henderson chose Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Must I explain? Everyone knows this song, and if you don’t, are you living under a rock?