Students express feelings toward football entrance procedure


Peyton Daniel

ID Students are now required to wear their student ID’s to the Friday night football games.

Peyton Daniel , Reporter

As of Sept. 2021, administration has mandated all students in grades six-12 to wear their student ID’s to the Friday night football games held at Mansion Park. To get in the gates, students must show them their ID’s at the ticket booth. 

Students bringing their ID’s will help ensure that those in high school are old enough to attend the games without a parent, and those in the junior high must have a parent come with them to the game. 

“I mean I understand why they have ID’s become mandatory now, but I still don’t agree with it,“ junior Kristina Lepore said. “If you go to a game just to pick or start a fight, don’t go and ruin it for everyone else. But if you want to go to watch football and be a part of the student section, then I feel that you should be allowed. I don’t think that carrying around an ID should be necessary because they are easy to lose, and then we’ll have to pay more money for them.” 

Many students disagree with this new rule, as they feel it has many downfalls. One downfall many students have talked about is losing their ID’s or having them stolen at one of the games. 

“I don’t know, I mean it makes sense that they want to know what grade level we are in, but do you really think that our age is going to stop fights,” junior Abigail Milliron said. “I mean it may seem like some people are mature enough to attend the game without an adult, but a lot of kids in my grade are still causing fights for small things that don’t matter. There are even seniors getting into fights still, who are being sent to the hospital. I think it’s pointless, and it won’t really stop anything, but I understand why they want to do it.” 

Dr. Charles Prijatelj confirmed the new regulation in his October newsletter.