Chirdon holds spot of featured twirler


Abigail Shearer

Prepping for senior night Chirdon practices her most popular moves. Chirdon made her own routines. “I’m excited to get the crowd excited,” Chirdon said.

Abigail Shearer, Reporter

After twirling since the age of two, junior Emma Chirdon has held the spot of featured twirler for two consecutive years.

Chirdon was shocked when she got the spot. Normally the spot of featured twirler would go to an upperclassmen, but she got it her sophomore year.

“It’s definitely nerve wracking going to tryouts whenever you know you had it last year, and it’s a lot of pressure put on you,” Chirdon said.

Some colleges offer scholarships for twirling and that is what Chirdon is looking for.

“Not even just for the scholarships, but there’s not a lot of jobs for twirlers so most people try out for scholarships. So hopefully, I will try out at a bigger school, and I get a spot,” Chirdon said.

There have been plenty of favorite moments during football season from meeting new people and going to new places, but some moments really stuck out for Chirdon.

“My favorite moment is definitely when we do home games, mainly because our student section is there. Our first home game is normally the most exciting; it’s cool to be able to put on the first show and see everybody’s reactions,” Chirdon said.

Twirling is one of Chirdon’s favorite things to do. She enjoys it so much that she does it competitively.

“My sister started twirling and when I was two; I joined the group she was in. I just got wrapped up in it. Competitive twirling is just like ‘dance moms,’ but for twirling,” Chirdon said.