Vegetarian/vegan students want more lunch options


Eli Peteuil

Lunch time Cafeteria worker Joanne Defrancesco types on her monitor during lunch. She rung up students as they passed through.

Eli Peteuil, Reporter

Vegetarian students and staff trying to eat healthier have expressed a few issues with school cafeteria food. With the return of all students to the school, many are having to get school lunches instead of eating when and what they want at home. 

`The vegetarian options during lunch include cheese pizza, a salad, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and fruit. For vegans, there is not a single option other than packing.  

“As a vegetarian, it’s a little annoying to not see at least a few vegan or vegetarian options at lunch,” freshman Shannon Hollern said. “You’re really limited to a salad at lunch if you’re a vegetarian, and nothing if you’re a vegan. I have to sit in the library during lunch because there is no food I can eat in the cafeteria.”

Along with not being able to eat the food, some vegetarians don’t even like to be around foods they can’t eat. This may force them to have to sit in alternative places such as the library where Hollern sits during lunch. 

“There really aren’t many foods that I’m able to eat at school. Most of the time I get the cheese pizza, but I don’t really like the taste of it, so most days I don’t end up eating it,” freshman Hudson Moudy said. 

Some students just don’t end up eating. For some students packing just isn’t an option. Some may not have the food at home to bring to school, others may just not want another thing to have to carry back and forth to school. 

“I get they have a lot of students to feed, but I would like the food to seem less dull. Like have more options, like a vegetarian pizza, more fruits, and even fake meats. They could easily heat up fake meat like they do real meat,” Moudy said 

Some students, not even vegetarian or vegan, also want to see a change in the regular menu. 

“I’d like to see them rotate things, instead of having like a constant eight things they could have different foods, or even leave out the breakfast stuff for us to have. A salad bar type of thing would be awesome to see too, but I don’t think that would happen.” Moudy said

Healthy eating in the cafeteria is another discussed topic among students. Some think the food is unhealthy, and others think it is okay to eat.

“There’s kids that eat a salad every day, there’s also grill items and wraps for the students to eat. Pizza, believe it or not, is actually one of the more healthy foods. But the main thing I suggest is that the students are always getting enough food. I make sure they at least get the three components of a meal. I say things like don’t you want a fruit or don’t you want a milk to go with that,” cafeteria worker Joanne Defrancesco said. “I so enjoy working here. I love the kids, I just want the kids to all be happy and healthy; those are the two most important things.”