Scholastic Scrimmage team maintains undefeated season


Jaidyn Palladini

Thinking hard Sophomore Connor Matoziuk and junior Alyssa Clark practice for their meet in Scholastic Scrimmage. The students listened to questions in hopes to gain more knowledge and do well in competitions.

Olivia McMinn, Reporter

So far in their season, the scholastic scrimmage team has defeated six other schools, leaving them with an undefeated record. Scholastic scrimmage is a group of students who compete with other schools using their knowledge of trivia. It gives students a chance to show off their knowledge and compete. 

“I like the fact that we can all gather together and have fun answering questions while broadening our horizons of knowledge,” sophomore Jake Yohn said. 

The team is confident with their abilities and are happy with their season this year so far.

“It feels pretty good to be undefeated; we had some tough competition. We are a good team this year,” sophomore Logan Walters said. “We have a general good makeup of the team; there are a lot of smart people.”

Scholastic scrimmage teams from other schools in the area gather together to compete against each other at meets. For each trivia question the team answers correctly, they earn points. At the end of the round, whoever has accumulated the most points, is the winner. Being undefeated at the meet, pleases members and advisers because in past years they were not able to. 

“We typically are pretty strong when we compete, but there are always some schools in Bedford/Blair region that give us a run for our money. Hollidaysburg has been our nemesis for the last few years; we’ve had a hard time beating them. This is our first time in three years that we actually beat them,” adviser Jen Lowe said.  “It feels really good to be undefeated because it has been a while since we have been able to get past some of these toughest opponents. We thought it would be a bit of a rebuilding year because the majority of the team are actually pretty young. We have a lot of sophomores and a couple of freshmen on the team. The fact that they did so well, and we didn’t even have all of the classes that students normally do to be able to answer the science and the math questions. It’s pretty impressive.” 

The team is made up of people who have a specialty in a certain subject. 

“We’ve got a couple of really dedicated students; we’ve got a couple who are very academically gifted, including a junior and senior on our team, and  then a sophomore who really just has a lot of eclectic knowledge and knows a little bit about everything,” Lowe said. 

The scholastic scrimmage team is not done yet, they still have a chance to go to Regionals and States. 

“If we qualify for the playoffs, which I think we will, we will compete again next month. The top four teams have the opportunity to move on to Regionals. It’s exciting because if we do well at Regionals then the next stop is States. It’s a big deal in May when they have the State competitions; the students go to the capitol building. They will actually do the rounds on the house and the floor of the senate. That’s a pretty neat experience to be right in the capitol building,” Lowe said