Girls soccer wins District 6 Championships


Connor George

Keep the Ball Away Junior Quinn DeAntonio works as the goalie to keep the ball away from their goal. The girls worked together to defeat Mifflin County.

Peyton Daniel , Reporter

The girls’ soccer team returned as undefeated District 6 champions on Nov. 3, against the Mifflin County girls soccer team at Bald Eagle.  

“Winning as champions felt very good because we’ve been working hard at practice, and getting ready and preparing for the game really paid off,” junior Abbie Herncane said. “We all became really close throughout the season which made us play better together. I loved playing on this team because we were all able to work really hard and become successful.”

Insight was also given from those who were able to witness the girls play throughout their season. Many experiences were able to be shared, and cherished throughout the girls’ soccer team, as it was the last for a few girls. 

“Several times this year our opponents would score first, but the team never got down on themselves,” economics and finance teacher and soccer parent Donald Dull said. “Freshmen and sophomore classes really stepped up their game during the season taking on new positions and showed that they would and could compete. After watching many of the girls on the team play soccer from age five through their senior high school season, it was a moment of joy and pride in the accomplishment. I know the time they have put in at practices, spring and summer outdoor seasons, indoor sessions in the summer during the winter, the injuries, the bruises, the late nights getting home from away games. It all came down together at the moment that the clock wound down that they had won their third District 6 title in three years.”

Many factors played into winning D6 and the effect they had on the team throughout the season. 

“In my opinion, the team did grow closer together throughout the year,” girls’ soccer coach Derek Winterburn said. “I feel that growing closer is a natural occurrence when you spend as much time together throughout the season as we do. I feel like as a team, the qualities that led to our success were understanding of the game and hard work. Throughout the season, the team came to each training session with a mindset of getting better each day. We always have conversations about building towards an end goal. While training and competing, their understanding of how they want to play the game helps us stay focused and find success.” 

In addition to reflecting on the team, some were able to share some key ideas of what stood out to them this season. 

“Overall the girls played with a lot of heart and desire,” Dull said. “The team had lost three very skilled players from the year before, and new starters were needed. The girls stepped up to fill those spots and continue to play at a high level.”

“It was my third year winning as champions. It obviously felt amazing, and we worked hard for it. We proved that we should have won,” senior Ashton Hileman said.