Gym clothing policy continues ideally; shouldn’t cause stress to students


Abigail Shearer

Rolling around Gym students play a game during gym class. They wore athletic attire during the game because it made it easier to play.

Editorial Board

With school being fully in person again, school policies are more enforced than they were at the end of last school year. These policies include wearing IDs, not being allowed to carry cell phones and wearing athletic clothing for gym. 

The policy for gym uniforms was taken away years ago; now, students should wear what would be considered athletic clothing to gym class. While many students have complained about the policy, it is the most ideal solution compared to school board approved uniforms. 

If someone walks into a gym, he or she would almost never see someone wearing jeans. Jeans aren’t very flexible and can be uncomfortable to stretch or workout in. This is the same idea for school gym classes. It can be really uncomfortable to run, stretch, spin or do cardio in jeans, boots or a dress. Yes, dresses are flexible, but they aren’t ideal outfits to wear in gym class. 

It is understandable that changing for less than 40 minutes is annoying; however, it is actually less time that students will have to spend in class due to changing at the beginning and end of the period. 

Many things can be considered athletic clothing including leggings, sweatpants, biker shorts (as long as they are knee length), t-shirts, sweatshirts and any shoes besides heels, boots and crocs. Many people already have these items in their closets, but if not they are sold for pretty cheap at Walmart or even some Dollar General and Family Dollar stores.