Senior moves halfway through year

From Altoona, PA to Garner, NC


On Altoona. Senior Lilly Noffsker performs halftime at Oct. 3 football game against Williamsport. Noffsker has been twirling with the school since her sophomore year.

Danielle Bardelang, Reporter

On Sunday, Nov. 14, senior Lilly Noffsker moved from Altoona, PA to Garner, NC. Noffsker  moved from a traditional school setting to a cyber setting to finish her senior year.

“I am attending North Carolina Cyber Academy (NCCA). I have had a lot more time to do things and a lot more time to get my work done for school,” Noffsker said. 

Noffsker moved to enjoy warmer weather. 

“My home is about seven hours from Altoona, but it usually takes about ten hours with stops,” Noffsker said. 

Noffsker reflects on what she misses about Altoona. She was a part of the chorus and was a majorette. 

“I will especially miss my community service with Mrs. McGinnis in the guidance office and being in parades with the majorettes. I will miss all of my teachers and everything I’ve done there because everything I’ve done came from my heart and the teachers were there to help me through it, ” Noffsker said. 

After she completes her senior year, she plans to attend college. 

“After school, I would like to attend college to be a forensic scientist, which my principles of biomedical science class inspired me to do,” Noffsker said. 

Although this is a big move for her, this isn’t her first time. 

“I moved from Germany to the US and from Delaware to Pennsylvania when I was young,” Noffsker said. 

Senior Marlana Miller has been friends with Nofsker since their sophomore year. 

My friendship with Lilly is different, when we met in tenth grade we were both struggling with some depression, and somehow we both knew how to be there for each other. We connected so well because we made each other happy even when things were hard,” Miller said. 

Miller plans to visit Noffsker over Christmas break. 

“I have many memories with Lilly. Before she left, our chorus group got together, and we had a little date. We all went to breakfast and hung out after. We surprised her with a basket of goodies and a new blanket. We laughed all day and even though it was the last day to hangout, we made it the best day,” Miller said. 

Noffsker would like to thank everyone in the AAHS who has helped her along the way. 

“I truly would not be here without everyone there,” Noffsker said.