Seniors hope to beat senioritis


Peyton Daniel

Junior Kasey Reid feels stressed after working on her classwork. Reid is among many of the students who we have heard from this year, that have felt this way.

Peyton Daniel , Reporter

As the school year progresses, students and teachers have been sharing their feelings about their progression with school and how it has been affecting them. Some discuss the amount of work and what they will do to change for the new semester coming in January 2022. 

“I’m definitely burnt out and for those seniors and future seniors, senioritis is definitely true,” senior Kadince Nedimyer said.

Students also recognize some impacts that may have impacted their in-person education and have adjusted their style of learning, 

“This first semester has been harder than I expected it to be, and I think that is largely due to how the last two school years have been with COVID-19,” senior Morgan Lindsey said. 

Along with sharing some of their more difficult discoveries from the first half of this school year, these students also shared some of their goals and what they hope to achieve for the last few months of school. 

“I am hoping that in the second semester I am able to keep myself motivated to work ahead and not procrastinate on my work,” Lindsey said. “ I can’t let senioritis get the best of me!”

Although this school year may have impacted some students, some seniors were able to be a part of more positive situations throughout this school year, and offer some advice.

“Along with others, I have obviously felt worn out after the first semester due to having a lot of homework and work on top of that,” senior Courtney Crownover said. “There’s also a lot this year that I am looking forward to, and is helping me get through the year. I feel like the second semester will be easier than the first, and I can’t wait to graduate and get my diploma.”

In addition with the number of students describing their feelings towards this school year so far, some teachers have given their input as to how they have been feeling and some advice they have for entering the new semester. 

“I always try to encourage students to keep trying their best no matter what point of the year we are in,” physics teacher Jeremy Rupeka said. “Don’t slack the last week or two of a marking period, but try to get your grades as high as possible to make it easier later. For some seniors, a new semester can bring about a big change in their day. Maybe they have a class that they have not enjoyed the entire year. With new classes, come different teachers and different learning environments.”