Juniors offered opportunity to take semester of trigonometry


Cassidy Klock

Juniors are offered to take a semester of trigonometry. The class is a cyber course and will begin on Jan. 24.

Cassidy Klock, Associate Editor

Juniors who are currently taking geometry will have the opportunity to take a semester course of trigonometry during the spring semester via cyber education. 

Juniors who decide to take the opportunity will be eligible to take calculus their senior year.

“I wanted to take calc, so I feel I wouldn’t be so lost during college calc. I know if I were to just go in blind, I will most likely fail the class. I am confident that I can pass trig, and I think that now that I am able to take calc my senior year, not only will I stand out more to colleges, but I will also feel more prepared for the college calc class,” junior Mason McManus said.

Though the course is a semester long, the students partaking in the course will receive a full math credit on their final transcript. 

Mathematics teacher Joseph Falger will be instructing the cyber class. 

The course will be a cyber course through the Altoona Cyber Academy.  This will provide students with the most flexibility in terms of scheduling.  Some students may choose to drop a semester elective and opt for a study hall to provide additional time for coursework, while others will “overload” their schedule, taking the course in addition to their existing class schedule.

The class is scheduled to start on Jan. 24. 

McManus decided to take on the task of the trigonometry class. 

“I felt that with this class it will give me the best shot on getting into the college I dream of going to and also give me the best chance at succeeding in the college calc class that I am required to take,” McManus said.  

On the other hand, junior Kelly Terrebonne decided to pass up on the offer. 

“Personally, with the degree that I’m shooting for in college, I am not going to need calculus. I don’t really see a need for me to put the extra stress of another math class on my back if I am not even going to end up using it. I do think it is a good idea though. Some students who need a calc class used to not be able to take it if they were in an academic math class which I think is unfair, so I am happy that they are getting an opportunity to make up for that lost time, ” Terrebone said.