EDITORIAL: New building construction should remain during school hours


Jocelyn Fetter

The construction workers working on the structure of the new building.

Editorial Board

The new AAHS building construction should remain during the day because of the natural lighting.  If the construction were to take place at night, the lack of natural lighting would cause problems for the construction workers and a possible delay in the construction of the new building.  

Some may argue that working nighttime hours could be beneficial to the faculty and students. Nighttime construction hours would completely eliminate any distractions for students during school hours.

However, if the construction would happen during after school hours, it would cause interference. The construction sites must be well lit at all times. But, during the nighttime, construction workers would need artificial lighting, which would cause an increase in expenses.

Nighttime construction would cause a possible delay in meeting deadlines. During the day it would be done and constructed in a timely manner. Construction workers would be able to meet the deadlines on certain parts of the building.

Most construction workers are from Pittsburgh, so working on the building during the day would be easier for them since they would have to drive the whole way back late if it was at night.

Not only this but it is warmer during the day than at night, especially during the fall and winter months. So,  construction during the day is safer for construction workers and better for their health.

The new building construction should continue during the day to increase the chances of staying on schedule in terms of construction deadlines. The minor disturbances are worth putting up with to maintain the schedule and ease of working.