EDITORIAL: Homecoming committee should consider new dance venue

Editorial Board

Traditionally the homecoming dance is held in the Fieldhouse gym.

Although the homecoming dance is not too shabby, it could be improved upon. Overcrowding, overheating and decorating are all issues at the dance.

Students enjoy prom because of the location, so if homecoming changed location it would be more enjoyable for everyone.  Renting a nicer and larger facility would solve many of these issues. Increasing ticket prices by only $5 would would allow wiggle room for renting a hall or building. Homecoming candidates could bring food platters and drinks as part of their requirements for the experience. These food and drinks would come free to the school, taking no cost from the $10 ticket admission.

Trying to get anywhere during homecoming is a struggle. Dancing is almost impossible due to how close everyone is. Going to get drinks is a difficult because everyone is pushing past other people risking spills. Suits and dresses are quite costly and spills are upsetting. It is almost impossible to have a good time when people are pushing past and almost spilling things on people’s expensive clothing.

Due to the overcrowding the school gymnasium gets extremely hot. Because there are so many people, everybody starts to sweat and get cranky which can cause students to start getting frustrated with one another and cause trouble.

The school construction also causes a problem. It makes the building even more crowded and causes a bigger struggle when trying to get around the building. Aside from the equipment and supplies everywhere, the appearance of the gym is not the best with construction.  The new location would offer decorating options included with the new venue.

Some may argue the dance should be held at the school because it saves money and keeps students out of trouble. But students would be even more respectful of a rented location.  Chaperones would still be present to maintain control. Students would also easily be able to navigate around the new location and mingle with plenty of space.

Homecoming should be enjoyable for everyone and anyone. Raising the cost by a few dollars and renting a nicer facility would help improve the overall experience of homecoming.