The MARVELous Universe

Destiny Montgomery, Editor in Chief

I have many obsessions: sweet tea, books, “Dance Moms” and most importantly: the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As of now, there are 27 movies and five Disney+ series. Not all of the movies were released in the timeline order, so Disney+ has a feature where fans can watch the movies in the specific order. The 13th movie in the timeline order: “Ant-Man,” was released on June 29, 2015. Spoiler alerts ahead:

The movie starts with Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) in 1989 resigning from SHIELD after finding out that Howard Stark was trying to make his own replicating tech, copying Hank.

The present day shows Scott Lang. First, he is the most underrated character in my opinion, and he basically carries the movies he is in. He is also played by Paul Rudd, one of my most favorite actors ever. He also plays in my favorite TV show “Friends.” So clearly I love him. Anyway, the scene shows him finishing his last day in prison. His buddy and old cellmate Luis (who is so funny, played by Michael Peña) is waiting to pick him up in the iconic brown van and invites him to stay in his apartment. Scott is unable to find a job due to his criminal record. Luis introduces him to Dave, a getaway driver, and Kurt, an identity theft specialist. Luis has an idea about a robbery. 

Back to Hank, he gets invited to a presentation at the company he founded, Pym Tech. Kind of awkward. He weirdly enough runs into his daughter, Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) and his former coworker Darren Cross. Cross shows Hank the prototype of a Yellow Jacket Suit, basically copying the Ant Man suit that Hank wore. But funny enough Cross isn’t successful with the shrinking process. 

Scott borrows the van to go to his daughter’s birthday party, when he runs into her step father, officer Jim Paxton. His ex wife explains to him that he needs a stable job in order to visit. 

Scott then agrees to do the robbery with Luis, who goes on a hilarious rant about who he heard from who. Basically a whole chain of he said she said. The target is the house of a man with a large safe. It turns out to be Hank’s house. They get supplies and cut off phone communication. When Scott enters, he unlocks the door to find a second door that needs a fingerprint. He uses tape to get Hank’s fingerprints and opens the door to find the safe. He ends up using nitrogen and water to break open the steel door. All he finds inside the safe is a body suit and helmet. Meanwhile, Hank has been watching this whole time. 

When they go back to the apartment, Scott decides to examine the suit. He puts it on and stands in the tub to look at himself in the mirror. When he noticed a red button on his glove, he pressed it and shrinks, becoming the size of an ant. Luis comes in and turns on the water in the tub, which is like a Tsunami for ants. Scott then hears a voice coming from the earpiece in the helmet. He tries pushing the button to get him back to normal size, but it’s broken. He goes through all of these rooms and places. He finally gets thrown out of a window, hitting a car which made the stuck button free, growing him back to normal size. 

Realizing he’s being watched, he tries to return the suit, easily breaking back in. When he leaves, he gets arrested. At the police station, a lawyer comes for Scott. That “lawyer” is actually Hank. When he is taken back to his cell, an army of ants brings him the suit, allowing him to escape.

Hank explains the situation with Cross and how dangerous he is. We also then learn that Hope is truly on the good side, just basically being a spy. He then has to go get a piece of  equipment from an abandoned SHIELD building. When Scott gets there, he realizes that it is the current Avengers Headquarters. When he lands, it triggers a sensor, causing Sam Wilson to check it out. Sam can still see Scott, even at a small size, so they begin to fight. Scott ultimately wins and leaves with what he needs. 

When he returns, Hank explains about how Hope’s mother died. An ICBM was launched at the US, and they were trying to stop it, but even with their small size they couldn’t get inside. Her suit was called the Wasp. She decided to shrink to sub-atomic size and was able to stop the missile but got stuck in the quantum realm. 

Cross had success at shrinking a lamb. He invites Hank to the “grand unveiling” and tells Hope that he increased security. That is when Luis, Kurt and Dave are brought in. When Scott tries to steal his Yellow Jacket suit, he gets caught in a cage. He breaks free though, and fights the HYDRA agents. Cross gets to a helicopter and escapes right before the building blows up. In the helicopter, Ant Man and the Yellow Jacket fight. When they fall out of the helicopter, he traps Cross in a bug zapper, but Jim arrests him. Cross goes to Cassie’s house hoping Scott would come to him, and he does. They fight, but Scott knows the only way to stop him is by shrinking to the sub-atomic size. When he does he shrinks Cross into nothing, but is trapped in the quantum realm. After hearing Cassie’s voice, he manages to require his suit, making him normal size. After this battle, Jim now likes Scott and Hank is wondering if Janet is still alive. 

In the mid credit scene, Hank offers Hope the Wasp suit. 

In the post credit scene, Steve Rogers and Sam have the Winter Soldier, but don’t know what to do next because they can’t contact Tony Stark due to the “Accords.”

I absolutely loved this movie. It is definitely one of the funniest movies and one of my favorites.