Talent show provides opportunities for students to show hidden talents 


Stayley Drenning 

Twenty acts performed at this year’s talent show. The show returned after a two year hiatus due to Covid.

Stayley Drenning , Guest Reporter

When adults look back on their high school years, they remember major things such as prom or graduation. For some students, talent shows can have a huge impact on their school memories. 

Participating in a school’s talent show allows students to showcase things  their teachers and even fellow classmates never knew they could do. When I look back at talent shows from elementary school, I remember watching some of my friends play the piano or sing, and I was completely shocked. 

On March 4, the talent show consisted of around 20 acts varying from singers to dancers and everything in between at AAHS. Our own WTAJ Chief Meteorologist Joe Murgo was the host of the event.

The night started off with an instrumental group including Brooke Ajay, Sarah Saylor, Patrick Reed, Julia Kline, Jack Kuhns, Hannah McGuire, Hailey Frontino, Ben Wagner and Alison Keirn playing “Mr. Blue Sky.” As the evening progressed, singers, dancers and musicians continued to showcase their talents. Local band Abstentious concluded the night with their newest song “Fast Times at Altoona High,” and it was definitely worth the wait!

After all of the acts had performed, an award ceremony occurred and the acts were given the traditional first, second and third place awards, as well as gold, silver and bronze awards. The overall winner was senior Luke Rokosky, who sang a beautiful opera song. I knew Luke could sing, but he totally caught me off guard as I sat there in awe listening to his voice.