Toona Tuneup planned for June


Maddie Cowfer

Toona tuneup gives teachers and students the opportunity to help clean up their city. Junior students and teachers are to volunteer to help June 1.

Maddie Cowfer, Reporter

This year’s Toona Tuneup will be held Wednesday, June 1. Toona Tuneup is an activity where students and teachers help clean up around Altoona.

Toona Tuneup is going to be a rain or shine activity.

“Toona tuneup is an all day activity for teachers and students that are interested in sprucing up Altoona’s community parks and gateways,” science teacher Robin DeShong said.

Participation is limited.

“This year’s Toona Tuneup is an event for junior students only. It takes place that same day as the senior walk,” DeShong said.

The sites are Altoona parks, downtown and gateways to the city like 17th street and Sixth Avenue.

“There will be driving and walking sites. Driving sites require students to provide transportation,” DeShong said.

Each teacher who signs up to volunteer will have their own team with junior students.

“So far, there are 20 teachers who have volunteered. Each teacher can recruit a team of ten to 15 students to participate in the day’s activities,” DeShong said.

Every teacher who is volunteering will pick who will join their team based on students they know.

“Teachers that volunteered to recruit a team of students that they know from interacting with them in class, a sport, a club or other extracurricular activity,” DeShong said.

Every team will be given the supplies they need to clean up.

“The city and AAHS are providing vests, gloves, garbage bags, brooms and paint where needed,” DeShong said.

Since this is an all day event, students will not have the opportunity to get a school lunch.

“Students will provide or pay for their own lunch. In some cases, the group will be in the vicinity of fast food restaurants,” DeShong said.

Some teachers who volunteer have past experience and know what to expect during this activity.

“I volunteered to assist with Toona Tuneup because I enjoy working with students to give back to our community. From my previous involvement, I am always in awe of how much we can accomplish in just one day,” English teacher Jaclyn Flick said.

Some teachers encourage students to consider the possibility of participating if possible.

“It’s also nice to get outside in the spirit of supporting a good cause at the same time. It has always been such a rewarding experience. I highly recommend that students participate if they can,” Flick said