Krug reflects on Astronomy Club


Maddie Cowfer

Krug reflects on Astronomy Club events and field trips. Astronomy Club joined Student Council on field trip to D.C.

Maddie Cowfer, Reporter

The Astronomy Club comes to an end with the end of school approaching. Club adviser James Krug recapped the club’s year.

The Astronomy Club meets both after school at the planter aim and outside the school for their club activities.

“The club starts out pretty heavy right off the bat this fall getting ready for our haunted Fort Roberdeau fundraiser which went really well this year, and then after that we do some events here in the planetarium like some after-school conspiracy days,” Krug said.

The Astronomy Club met before winter break to celebrate the holidays with various activities.

“We had our club holiday roller skating party where we started here. We did a secret Santa gift exchange, we watched Home Alone, we had pizza and then we got on the bus and went to Morrison’s Cove roller skating rink,” Krug said.

In February, Astronomy Club started where they left off before break with meetings and club events.

“We started back up, we had a couple after-school conspiracy days and then we had some cool walking. We did a walking field trip to the church in the middle of the block which is this really cool cultural historic site with an observatory up on the roof,” Krug said.

The students in the Astronomy Club are given the opportunity to spend time with their friends when they go to club events.

“Something I want to do again is we walked to the railroaders museum after school; it was only $2 per student. Then we walked over to Greenbean Coffee; everybody got coffee and that was really cool,” Krug said.

The club plans multiple events and field trips throughout the year that students can sign up to do.

“We did try to do one last field trip out to Fort Roberdeau to help them get ready for the season, but it ended up getting canceled due to a lack of interest,” Krug siad.

The Astronomy Club went on two walking field trips this year and plan on doing them again in the future.

“My favorite event would have to be the walking field trips both to the church in the middle of the block and the railroaders museum and green bean. It’s easier to plan from a teacher’s perspective, and it’s nice because you don’t have to plan a bus. You just have to coordinate it,” Krug said.

This year, the Astronomy Club decided to join the Student Council on their field trip to the Air and Space Museum and the D.C monuments.

“The Udvar-Hazy Center is the part that’s really a strong me based amazing displays there from all things NASA and goes well with our curriculum. Then to basically go down and see the monument. It was nice because it was a big field trip that we could do and we rarely get to do those,” Krug said.

The Astronomy Club is already planning events for next year that they hadn’t been able to do this past year.

“We’re going to bring back the full Haunted Trail. This is like a haunted house but out in the woods and Astronomy Club members dress up and hide all along the trail to scare people. I’m also looking forward to bringing back a full Slate of public sky shows because we weren’t able to start this year,” Krug said.