Students plan for summer through vacations, adventures


Lillian Roberts and Avery Reid

Some students have summer plans for this year varying from: going to the beach, getting summer jobs, going camping and going to local places. 

An example of one student who will be doing an extra activity over the summer is senior Rebecca Holliday. Holliday plans to go to Temple University and is going to student orientation day in Philadelphia this summer. While waiting to go to college, Holliday works at Applebees. Some of Holliday’s favorite activities are having get-togethers with her friends and having campfires. While Holliday plans to do those activities, she also is going to the beach.

“I’m going to Myrtle Beach at the beginning of June with all of my friends. We are renting a pretty decent sized beach house because we have about 20 people coming,” Holliday said. 

Junior Katie Hovan plans to get a job and to hang out with her friends before they go to college. Hovan also plans to improve her tennis skills to get a better spot on the tennis team. Because of her friends going to college, Hovan is also looking at colleges. 

“My parents are planning on going to New England as a vacation for our family, so I’m excited for that. My mom wanted to go to Vermont, and I kept on saying about how I wanted to stop at Boston again because I loved it. My sister wanted to try to view Yale because she’s a try-hard. Also some college tours like one in North Carolina and check out what Pitt would look like if I could ever find somewhere I want to go,” Hovan said. 

Some students like to simply relax on their summer vacation and not focus on school work. 

“My favorite part of summer vacation is the stress free environment. Waking up and going to bed knowing I have no assignments to complete is a breath of fresh air. If I am being honest, I don’t focus on school much during the summer months. Summer is my time to myself and to enjoy the things I love. It is really nice having the full 24 hours to do whatever I want,” sophomore Ethan Eisenhart said. 

Gordon plans to go on varying small vacations and other small trips throughout the year and working.  

“I usually always go on a lot of little vacations during the summer break like camping trips and three day weekend trips to different towns. I will be going to the beach this summer and the beach I go to is Stone Harbor, New Jersey. I plan on going to stores and tanning and swimming at the beach. Also, I plan on working at Frosty’s Caboose, an ice cream place, a lot so that I can buy a car and I will hang out with friends and family,” sophomore Saqarra Gordon said.

Senior Ashten Bardell has plans to play basketball with his friends, work throughout the summer and go on vacation. 

“I am going on vacation with my family and friends to Ocean City in late June and probably going to Captain Morgan’s. I plan on attending Penn State Altoona where I plan on pursuing my academic and athletic career,” Bardell said.

Students such as Hovan and Gordon have their own favorite things about summer vacation. 

“Being able to enjoy the warm weather, even though it might get really hot somedays I liked wearing tank tops, eating ice cream, and playing music with the windows down,” Hovan said. 

“I like the warm weather and I like having no worries and being able to hang out with friends and basically do whatever I want. I typically swim and hang out with friends a lot.” Gordon said.