“I’m In”


Courtesy of Brayden Adams

Senior Brayden Adams plans to attend college after graduating high school.

Jayla Nartatez, Reporter

Senior Brayden Adams plans to attend college at Penn State University after graduation.  In this senior blog, Adams discusses his future plans.

Q: What college will you be attending?

A: I’m going to Penn State University, main campus.

Q: Why did you decide to go there?

A: Because it was the best choice I had for my major, and it suited me financially.

Q: What are you majoring in or planning on studying in?

A: Actuarial Science.

Q: Will you be participating in sports/extracurricular activities?

A: I plan on it.

Q: What excites you the most about college?

A: Being able to get away from Altoona and live in a more diverse community.

Q: Is there anything about college that intimidates you?

A: The workload and the expectations that I have to live up to.

Q: What other colleges were you looking at as other options?

A: University of Southern California.

Q: Why did you think this college was the best choice for you? What about the school interested you?

A: Penn State is the best school for me because they offer a very elite program for my major. It is one of the top ranked programs in the entire country. Also the school spirit and events like football games and concerts excites me.

Q: How do you feel about senior year ending so soon?

A: I’m sad to see all of my friends go, but I am also ready for change. I am also starting to feel the burnout of senior year.

Q: What do you think will be the biggest difference between high school and college?

A: The way I manage my time because in college I’m going to have to make school work a bigger priority as well as making sure I understand the material because for my major it’s going to be way more important than in high school because high school only taught me the fundamentals.