Seniors plan college moves


Avery Reid

A view of Pittsburgh PA from Duquesne University.

Avery Reid, Reporter

As the year winds down, seniors are getting ready to move into their college dorms. Some seniors are moving close to home and others are moving out of state. Students have made certain decisions based on majors or how comfortable they felt on campus.

“I am going to the University of Indiana Pennsylvania to study Psychology. I felt very comfortable when I visited and my brother is also going to be a junior on campus,” senior Ashtyn Hileman said.

Senior Lauren Kiser is going to Penn State Behrend. Kiser has played soccer all four years of high school and continues to play throughout college.

“I am going to be attending Penn State Behrend which is about three hours and 30 minutes away from Altoona. I did not intentionally move away. Penn State Behrend was the best choice out of all the other colleges I looked at. It was the best fit for me,” senior Kiser said.

Kiser is majoring in nursing next year and is also playing women’s soccer for Penn State Behrend.

“I move in in the middle of August. My classes start August 22, and we move in a week before. My mom is helping me move in and plan out my dorm,” Hileman said.

Hileman doesn’t have a budget, but she got most of her college necessities from Target.

“I am moving on campus on August 17. Both of my parents are helping me move in. I am staying in a suite, so I will have several roommates,” Kiser said.

Kiser has a roommate. They met through Snapchat and then ended up competing against each other in soccer.

“I will move into college on August 16. I’m going to be roommates with one of my best friends, Kaya Newell, I have known her since 5th grade,” senior Mackenzi Noel said.

Noel is attending Duquesne University which is in Pittsburgh, Pa.

“So far I have not got much, but I got some stuff from Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohls and Target. I will be getting  more dorm items from HomeGoods and other stores,” Kiser said.

Kiser does not have a set amount of how much to spend, but she wants to make her dorm room look cute.

“I am spending a good amount on my dorm room, so I can make it feel more like home. I will be living in a double dorm,” Noel said.

Noel is going to miss Franklin in Mrs. Hogan’s room. She is going to miss seeing her family and friends everyday.

“I haven’t met my roommate in person yet, but we’ve been texting each other. We are getting along very well,” Hileman said.

 Hileman said she will miss seeing her friends, family and dogs everyday.

 “I will miss the activities I used to do, my friends and family, my dog, the feeling that I have when I’m at home and my mom’s cooking. I will also miss all the fun memories made throughout the years and the fewer responsibilities to worry about,” Kiser said.

 Kiser is not taking her car to college the first year. She will be using it the following years for clinicals.