NHS offers after school tutoring


Cassidy Klock

Working hard. Senior Marin Cooney prepares for her tutoring session to start. Cooney was accepted into the National Honors Society at the end of her junior year.

Following the start of the second marking period, tutoring will be available, and students will have an opportunity to be tutored after school.

Tutoring sessions will be available four days each week in the school library.

“There’s tutoring every week Monday through Thursday, and the times will be 2:45 until 3:45 p.m.,” National Honor Society adviser Deida Dumm said.

There are different days that have their own subjects.

“Monday is social studies and health, Tuesday will be English and world language, Wednesday is math and Thursdays are science,” Dumm said.

The students tutoring are on a rotating schedule so each individual will only have to be a tutor once.

The students tutoring will only be tutoring once a month.

“All the tutoring will be by National Honor Society students. There are 52 students, and they’re on a, pretty much, monthly rotation where every four weeks they are scheduled to tutor,” Dumm said.

The schedule will change due to any breaks in the school year..

“If we don’t have school on Monday, tutoring just picks up the next day. Unfortunately, social studies or health day would just be missed [for that week]. We’re also not going to be doing them on the days before like a large break. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, there would be no tutoring. I think it’s a Thursday before Christmas break, so there would be no tutoring on those days as well,” Dumm said.

The tutors will be tutoring one to two subjects which they feel they are the best at.

“I’m tutoring English and French. These two are what I feel most confident with, and it helps that I am enrolled in AP courses for both of these. We had to pick a subject area, and I considered the subject of science, but wasn’t sure since the focuses within the subject are broad. With the subjects I chose I feel like I would be able to offer more help,” senior Marin Cooney said.

All National Honors Society students will be tutoring throughout the year.

“Tutoring is a requirement for students in the National Honors Society. We have to come on our specific subject day each week once a month,” Cooney said.

Some students might be more comfortable asking their peers for help than their teachers.

“I think that sometimes it is intimidating for students to ask their teachers for help, but if you put them in an environment with other students, it will be easier to reach out and get the help they need. It benefits us tutors because we can give back to our peers,” Cooney said.

Any student’s who are looking for a quiet place to study are welcome to use this time.

“If no one is to show up on our tutor day, it is quiet time after school for us to work on our own homework,” Cooney said.

Some of the students tutoring have experience as a tutor.

“Tutoring is a great way to be a helpful resource and contribute to the community. Plus, I used to do it back in middle school,” senior Vanessa Roman said.

Some students find this program beneficial for both the tutor and the students getting tutored.

“This program is a wonderful experience for everyone involved to learn and grow. It’ll familiarize us with the material taught and could even create new friendships,” Roman said.