Teachers advance in March Madness


Makenzie Closson

Students gather to cast their March Madness votes. The winner of the bracket will receive a prize granted by administration.

As the March Madness brackets continue, various teachers continue onto the next round. The voting schedule is as follows:

March 6: Kelly Sipes vs. Travis Young and Kirk Dodson vs. Dane Leone. 

March 7: Jessica Hogan vs. Jason Itle-Clark and Caleb Marasco vs. Carolyn Kline 

March 8: Patrick McKinney vs. Todd Bennett and Heather Tippett-Wertz vs. Wanda Vanish

March 9: Amy Palfey vs. James D’Angelo and Deidra Dumm vs. Christine Falger 

“I feel very confident about advancing. I didn’t expect to win the first round, so, from here on out, I feel the school is behind me. Also, everyone likes the coffee cart,” Young said. 

Voting will take place during all lunches, March 6 through March 9.