This Is Where It Ends should be new must read

Everyone has a reason to fear the boy with the gun.

Ben Blackie, Reporter

In the past two years, school shootings have become a growing threat to schools across the country. Not only does “This Is Where It Ends,” written by Marieke Nijkamp, cover a huge topic for teens in high school, but it shows no one ever truly knows what is going on in someone’s head. No one never knows who could be the school’s biggest threat. “This Is Where It Ends” hit number one on the New York Times bestseller young adult list and held its place for twenty-six weeks.

“10:02 a.m. The students get up to leave the auditorium for their next class. 10:03 a.m. The auditorium doors won’t open. 10:05 a.m. Someone starts shooting.”

Claire Morgan is involved in Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps; Claire Brown wants to become a professional dancer. Thomas Morales likes to get in mischief, and Sylvia Morales is predicted to be her school’s valedictorian. Anyone can easily relate to any of the characters, whether that be through parent troubles, finding who you truly are, not having approval to do what you love or even not knowing what you want from your future.

The story is told from four different perspectives which makes people want to keep reading to see what would happen to each character. The book is told over the span of fifty-four traumatic minutes. One student’s merciless revenge turns into a game of survival for every student. Each character is completely different and can accurately represent any teen.

Although the book can be slow in the beginning, after the characters are fully introduced readers get tied into the thrill and suspensefulness of not knowing what will happen to them and how they are involved.

This is a good book for anyone whose English class is involved with Reader’s Workshop because it is easy to understand and relate to. The ending provides a proper ending to the story and makes readers appreciate the characters and the author even more.