“I’m In”

In this blog, reporter Melissa Krainer will showcase students making their college choices.


Courtesy of Arden McKendree

Senior Arden McKendree plans to attend college after high school.

Melissa Krainer, Reporter

After graduation, senior Arden McKendree plans to attend Penn State Altoona. In this senior blog, McKendree discusses her ambitions for after high school.

Q: What college will you be attending?

A: I’m going to Penn State Altoona.

Q: What are you planning on studying or majoring in?

A: I’m planning on studying English.

Q: Why did you decide to go to Penn State?

A: I liked that it was close to home and also my brother went there. So I’m sure he can help me with a lot of the ins and outs.

Q: Why do you think this college is the best choice for you? What about the school interests you?

A: I like that they’re really involved. They have different special occasions that you can go to–just fun stuff for the students to do out of the college classroom.

Q: What other colleges were you considering?

A: I was thinking about Mt. Aloysius because that’s also close, but I ended up choosing Penn State.

Q: Will you be participating in extracurricular activities or sports?

A: I was looking at the softball team because I do play softball. I’m not sure if I’m going to play for them–at least not yet. But it’s a possibility.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in college?

A: I’m looking forward to being able to choose my own schedule and learning more about what I would want to do for my career later in life.

Q: What is something that intimidates you about college?

A: Probably that it’s more independent than high school. You have to do a lot more by yourself. I think that’s also exciting.

Q: What do you think will be the biggest change from high school to college?

A: Freedom.

Q: How do you feel about senior year ending?

A: It kind of makes me sad because I know I’m going to miss being around my friends and just the high school experience, but I’m also excited for the future.