“Bandersnatch” breaks the internet



An action-packed, suspenseful movie. Bandersnatch came out on Dec. 28, 2018. It has 312 total minutes of content.

Jada Quinn, Reporter

Bandersnatch is being welcomed to Netflix by many viewers.

Screenwriter Charlie Brooker comes back and creates an action-filled, suspenseful, emotional movie to Netflix. The creator of “Black Mirror,” released a movie, called “Bandersnatch.” “Bandersnatch” is an interactive movie, where viewers control how the main character, Stefan Butler, thinks, feels and acts. The movie has the same idea as regular “Black Mirror” episodes. However, this one is 90 minutes long and with the different endings and decisions; it has 312 total minutes of content.

Stefan Butler lives at home with only his dad, as his mom died in a train derailment, which Stefan blames on himself. He attends therapy for it and is very distant with his therapist. When Stefan gets offered a job to work at a video game company with Colin Ritman, his favorite video game designer, viewers make the decision for him. After the decision is made, either way, Stefan ends back up at the company anyways, working on and eventually selling his game to them. Stefan goes through living his normal life, with viewers making small decisions for him. Stefan’s life throws a curveball at viewers. It causes audiences to laugh, cry and even be scared at times. There will be times during the movie where viewers are forced to choose between things as small as types of cereal and things as important as people who will no longer be around.

Many people have enjoyed this movie. Junior Amia Green rates the movie a 7 out of ten.

“It was new and innovative, yet I didn’t get the outcome I wanted,” Green said.

SPOILER ALERT! Stefan will eventually begin to become aware that someone is controlling him. Viewers will then be able to cause crazy things to happen, as he believes there needs to be more action if he’s being controlled. Stefan will begin to do crazy things to give the viewers more things to watch. There are many endings viewers can get with this story, such as Stefan ending up in jail.

This movie is a wonderful, action-packed film. It’s emotional, scary and fun. This interactive movie is definitely a must-see.