‘Twas the night before Christmas


Jocelyn Fetter and Jada Quinn

Far far away on the island of Christmas eve, all the children were sleeping, and the elves were rolling up their sleeves. Time was ticking and it began such a scare, how would they ever make tomorrow better than last year.

Assembly lines in full swing, very very careful not to mess up a thing. 

Toys passed from Thrasher to Sasher, to Vancer and Dixon. Moved on to Bonnet, then Connor and last of all Crimson.  

The toys were important and very specific, not a single step missed or that would be horrific. 

The final few minutes were making their way, the deadline was coming, no way! 

Procrastination all year long, the elves were regretting bragging to mom. 

Seconds turn to minutes, and minutes turn to hours, Mr. Clause was ready, ready for the next few hours. 

The sack was filled to the brim with toys, the elves were rushing to finish for the little girls and boys. 

As the sleigh was lifted off the ground, the elves threw the last few toys up off of the ground. 

The children awoke with smiles of joy, thank goodness those elves finished those toys! 

The next day was spent cleaning until Thrasher found Sasher under the table dreaming. 

“Wake up you goon we’ve got to prepare, we don’t want a repeat of this next year.” 

Sasher sits up and yawns with delight until he looks down and jumps with such fright! 

The floor is scattered left and right with parts and bits there’s no way that can be right! 

Frightened and scared Sasher picks up the broom and starts to sweep the random parts under the stairs. 

All is good and well the next few days, thank goodness those parts were just garbage anyways! 

It’s almost closing time for the elves and Santa, until the toy hotline starts causing hysteria! 

Girls and boys all over the island cursed with a broken jack in the box. “Miss please stop crying!”

The toys were rushed and not properly completed; now the island will pay the price, oh this is just what they needed! 

They’re taking over! Breaking things in the homes, and yelling at the children. The island is total chaos, everyone’s life is over! 

Elves running in every direction, please anyone with answers “Hello?! Can I have your attention!” 

Mrs. Clause is crying and Santa is fuming; never thought we would see the big man patrolling! 

Answers are all we need,  someone has to know something, something indeed. 

Sasher is worried, but oh so scared, it’s time he faces reality, surely it needs to be shared. 

Sasher gathers everyone’s attention in the workshop, and takes them to the stairs, what a shame on you, how could you be so unfair! 

The elves quickly think and come up with a plan, the time has come to face the toys like a man! 

The elves suit up and exit the workshop; it’s now or never, we must split up! 

The elves find the savage toys, and fix the island eventually restoring the joy! 

Santa pulls Sasher off the side and tells him not to swallow his pride. 

Sasher messed up, but we all have before. The main priority is to more on, furthermore. 

The elves learned their lesson and the children went back to playing. Only 356 more days; we better start praying!