EDITORIAL: School should offer more mindfulness activities


Editorial Board

Mindfulness activities such as meditation, yoga and breathing have been proven to be beneficial for people’s mental health. The school should implement more mindfulness activities for students to decrease stress levels.

Editorial Board

Recently, the library has offered “Morning Mindfulness” for students from 7-7:25 AM. Students are able to participate in yoga and breathing exercises to start off their day. 

Mindfulness activities are a great way to start off a class because it allows students to relieve stress before taking on a busy day of work. Students can be comforted by mindfulness activities as they recognize that effort is being put into their mental health and well being. 

Many students feel stress throughout the day, so mindfulness can be very calming for students. Having a designated space for students to destress can be very calming as it lets a student’s mind breathe. 

Mindfulness activities are also a way to check up on a student’s mental health. It is important to understand what’s going on in a person’s head and what they might be going through outside of school. According to the Mental Health Foundation, participating in mindfulness activities is a way for people to improve their mental health and well being. 

The school should implement more mindfulness activities as they have been shown to improve the mental health and well being of people. They are also a great way for teachers to interact with students more as it allows them to have time to check in on their students. This could be in the form of breathing exercises at the beginning of class or just teaching students how to handle and cope with stress in healthy ways.