Junior: Silence stops expression

Dionte Davis, Reporter

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There was a nationally planned student walk-out in memory for the victims of the Parkland school shooting March 14.

The administration and a few students came up with an alternative plan. The students and the administration devised a plan for a five minute video which discusses the lives of the victims and their unfortunate passing. From there a brief moment of silence was observed. Last there was a 17 minute discussion held about school safety.

“The school should have allowed us to walk out without punishment. Several prestigious colleges, including Yale and UCLA, have stated that the consequences we would have received for demonstrating our views wouldn’t affect our admissions process; however, clubs like National Honor Society or other universities don’t seem to share the same views,” junior Geneva Flarend said.

It is completely repulsive the way administration silenced the student body’s voice.

“I feel so strongly about the walk-out because I am a student and my parents are teachers. Everyone in my immediate family spends their days in schools and, frankly, the frequency of school shootings frightens me. The consistent gun violence across our nation is a problem that needs to be rectified, not only for the safety of students and teachers across America, but for the well-being of the rest of the nation as a whole,” Flarend said.

The administration has been very lax in its communication with the student body. Perhaps stronger communication could solve the problem

“The school board should make sure to publicize [its] meeting directly to the student body, perhaps through MLTV. We cannot make our voice heard if people will not listen,” Flarend said.