Celebrity ghost’s body found in woods

A pumpkin alert was announced for pop star Selena Ghostmez at 10:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 13, after her boyfriend, Ryan Ghostling, expressed his concern when she hadn’t returned to the haunted house by 10 p.m. Ghostmez was allegedly supposed to be walking through the Bloody Forest at 9:20 p.m. to get to her friend’s house.

“I was totally spooked out when she said she’d be back before 10, and she wasn’t,” Ghostling said.

Detective prodigy Matt Demon was assigned to the case of the missing pop star.

“This case is probably my most important and elusive case yet, but I’ll still confident I’ll get to the bottom of this,” Demon said

Witness Billie Eyeball spotted an orange figure running into the Bloody Forest at 9:30 p.m. while she was closing her pumpkin spice latte shop. Eyeball noted the suspect to be carrying a knife, but there was no evidence on the surveillance footage from the pumpkin spice latte shop.

“Detectives doubted me at first, but I knew it was a bad guy, duh,” Eyeball said.

Demon searched the woods for three and a half hours until he discovered Ghostmez’s body.

The last text message on Ghostmez’s phone read ‘We have some unfinished business,’ which was sent by 35-year-old Cardi Boo.

“Selena was helping me bake some pumpkin pies for the pumpkin pie eating contest I’m having. We just had a couple more pies to make, and the quickest way from her house to mine is through the woods. I was so concerned when she didn’t show up,” Boo said.

While watching surveillance footage, Demon determined the suspect to be 40-year-old Abby Lee Killer.

“Selena Ghostmez walked into the forest, and the figure walked into the forest behind her shortly after. The figure then came out of the woods, where I then recognized Abby Lee Killer. She has been charged multiple times before, so it is easy to identify her,” Demon said.

Demon was given a search warrant for Killer’s house, where inside he found the decapitated head of Leonardo DiCapitated, whose body was found [without a head] earlier in the year. His case was dropped due to lack of evidence. 

“I saw this, and I had realized that I had killed two birds with one stone; all while bringing justice to Killer,” Demon said.

After Killer was arrested, she was interrogated and began to confess. She admitted that Boo was an accomplice and helped with the murder.

“We got a search warrant for Boo’s house. When we walked in, it smelled like pure bleach. Our Crime Scene Unit used  luminol to detect if there was any blood that may have been cleaned up. Surely enough, there was,” Demon said.

Killer is on trial for two counts of first degree murder. Boo is on trial for one count since there is no evidence connecting her to the murder of DiCapitated. Both will be held under the jurisdiction of Justice Ghoulia Roberts.