Jobs effect students


Maddie Cowfer

Gracie Cowfer get people’s orders ready. She was behind the the counter to help get an order at Dairy Queen.

Maddie Cowfer, Reporter

Numerous students manage to balance both their school assignments, live classes and having a job.

It’s important for students to learn how to spend their time between working and school. 

“During online school, I haven’t thought it’s been too hard to maintain a balance. It requires some time management skills; however, I have been able to work and attend school pretty easily,” senior Alex Thaler said. 

Most working students are working toward something that’s important to them after high school.

“I wanted some money going into college. The money I have made so far has not only given me enough money for enough textbooks for at least my first semester of college, but also for my senior trip this year [if COVID allows]. I chose to work to fill the gaps in my days that were left by the cancellations and alterations of the usual clubs that I participate in,” Thaler said. 

Having students work while in high school can benefit them with skills they will need later on in life. 

“I hope that having a job has helped my communication and multi-tasking skills. While my job isn’t relevant to my future career path, I hope I have gained some skills that will help me in life,” Thaler said. 

Working nowadays makes it harder for all workers including students than it was last year. 

“Sometimes working during COVID is less convenient and I miss whenever I do not have to wear a mask, but I do what I have to do in order to create a safe work environment for myself and others around me,” senior Sophie Auker said. 

With school being online, having asynchronous and synchronous days may be difficult to schedule students when to work. 

“I do not work during asynchronous hours during the day, I usually work most days at 3 p.m. after school is over and on the weekends,” Auker said. 

With COVID still going on it has changed the guidelines on how workers proceed while working. 

“Wearing a mask is so important in order to protect yourself, your coworkers and everyone you serve. Not only do I have to wear a mask, but I have to wear gloves too. It honestly makes me feel safer knowing I’m protecting myself and others,” Auker said. 

Not only does school work and COVID have an effect on student workers but so do the responsibilities each student has. 

“I think it’s very challenging for everyone at the moment. I believe it to be even a bit more challenging for me since I have all of these sorts of responsibilities that I have to attend to,” senior Caden McMaster said. 

Having students start work so young leaves an impression on them that will help once they are adults. 

“I think having a job helps whenever and it especially helps at such a young age to sort of develop skills needed when in a work environment at a young age where they can imprint onto you,” McMaster said.