Band room, auditorium near completion


Sonia Yost

As the auditorium construction progresses, seats have been installed, and workers continue to make progress.

Mykenzi Doran, Reporter

With the construction of the new building, what used to be the B Building of the high school is no longer a part of the high school.

The old B building was the setting of different memories for many different people. Generations spent their time learning, watching, practicing and much more in this part of the building and will miss being there for different reasons.

“I personally played concerts in the old auditorium and had class in the old band room when I was a student at AAHS. It will always have a special place in my heart for both of those spaces.The only thing I really miss are the many, many great memories of the old rooms, but we will start building the same great memories into these new spaces as soon as we return,” band director Larry Detwiler said.

Upperclassmen are also feeling a similar sense of sadness as they too will miss what used to be the rooms they worked in.

“I’ll miss the old setup of the auditorium, I liked the look of it when we had concerts, but I know it was always hard for the drama club to use. I think the new stage will benefit them greatly,” junior Lukas Caracciolo said.

There are many pros to getting a new band room and auditorium after having the two in the original B Building for so many years.

“There are several pros, such as having better acoustics, more room for the ensembles, etc. I truly don’t see any cons for myself,” senior Jacqueline Ertwine said.

Students and staff look forward to the return of in person learning.

“The biggest con is just not being here due to virtual learning. I can’t wait to get into both rooms and start using them,” Detwiler said.

Virtual learning has also affected a plethora of the students who regularly use both of these rooms for rehearsing and performing.

“It impacts on the way that we will be able to just jump right in and make new music again, and it will help us grow to be better as musicians by being able to work together and play in the band together,” Caracciolo said.

However, not having the band room doesn’t just affect groups like the band as a whole, it also affects the individuals in the groups.

“It [rehearsing without the band room] was tough. It’s hard for me to practice at home because it bothers my neighbors, it bothers my sister most of the time and I feel safer in the band room because I know no one is judging me,” Ertwine said.

The auditorium and band room are scheduled to be completed before the end of the school year.

“They should both be finished this school year. I expect to start moving into the new band room next week,” Detwiler said.