Junior, senior class committee plans for prom


Ben Blackie

Junior and senior students look ahead to the spring and a possiblity of prom.

Ben Blackie, Editor In Chief

On Jan. 11 the Junior and Senior Executive Committees held a meeting to discuss possible prom themes and colors. After brainstorming possible ideas, the committees voted in a Google form on Jan. 24. The themes listed were Masquerade, The Secret Garden and multiple others. 

I am doing everything I can to make this prom amazing, I think we deserve a good prom and a prom in general, but the committee and I are going above and beyond for it. I tried my best to communicate with the entire committee to come up with our best idea collectively, I tried to have everyone share their ideas and their take on what they wanted out of prom and ultimately we decided on a theme together,” senior class president Jack Hatch said.

Members of the Junior and Senior Class Executive Committees voted on this year’s theme, which is a Masquerade (or “Mask”erade).  Students came up with ideas and then both committees voted via Google Form.  The “Mask”erade received about 42% of the votes, which was the majority,” committee adviser Nichole Harris said

This year’s prom is scheduled for May 21. 

“Fundraising this year was not an option for a few reasons.  Obviously we weren’t in the building, but we also could not do our usual fundraisers because of social distancing guidelines.  Fortunately, both junior and senior class committees fundraised money last year and since there was no prom last year, the money rolled over and will be used for this year’s prom,” Harris said.

Due to Covid-19, new rules will be created to maintain certain restrictions and rules that follow every year will stay the same.

Juniors and seniors who are in good standing (no disciplinary issues, no more than four demerits, etc.) are permitted to purchase two prom tickets.  Normally students are permitted to bring a guest from another school, as long as the guest is approved.  No student over the age of 20 is permitted as a guest, and a copy of a diploma is required for guests who have graduated.  I am not sure if these rules will apply this year due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Again, this is something we will be discussing with the administration,” Harris said. 

For many of this year’s seniors it will be their first time going to prom.

I think if students have learned anything from this year, it is that time cannot be wasted; nothing is guaranteed in life anymore, and we have to make the very best of whatever situation we are in.  I believe students will be grateful to have any type of prom experience and will really cherish the time together and make the most of whatever this year’s prom looks like,” Harris said. 

“I’m really excited to be able to plan for prom this year since this is one of the few things that could possibly happen. Hopefully we’re able to actually have it when the time comes,” Senior Class Executive Committee member Lydia Baum said.

Last year, the school wasn’t able to hold a prom for the juniors and seniors.

“Teachers and administration felt very badly that last year’s juniors and seniors were not able to have a prom experience.  We are going to try our very best to have a fun and memorable yet safe prom for our students,” Harris said.