Local coffee house provides more than just drinks


Cassidy Klock

Sophomore students Kelly Terrebonne, Grayson Pellegrine, Aydan Roland and Cassidy Klock, all gather at the Clay Cup on March 3 to celebrate their friends birthday.

Cassidy Klock, Reporter

Having a coffee house in any town is a wonderful addition. Not only is the Clay Cup a cute coffee house to catch up with friends as you grab a hot cup of coffee, but in the back of the establishment you can even paint your very own clay cup! Next time you’re in town looking for a place to spend a Saturday afternoon, keep the Clay Cup located at 1304 11th Ave. Altoona in the back of your mind. 

Personally, I have visited the Clay Cup many times, and I have also been fortunate enough to have been able to paint a cup with a few of my friends last summer. Painting the cups was an extremely fun experience. You can paint your cups inside; however, in the summer time there is also outdoor seating available. There are a wide variety of paint colors to choose from, and they provide everything you need from brushes to paints. They fire the cups for you as well.

The prices of painting cups will vary depending on which cup you buy to paint but prices typically range from $14-$35 including the glaze and firing. 

Every time I have visited the coffee house the staff has been so kind and can be very helpful when you’re trying to figure out what you might want to order on the menu. The cafe is also always kept clean and tidy. The atmosphere is extremely friendly, cozy and calm. It is a great place to sip some coffee and read one of your favorite books. 

The Clay Cup has a lot to offer in terms of the menu with a drink to satisfy almost anyone’s taste buds. They have everything from cappuccinos to hot teas and even cream sodas. The drinks come in size options from small to large with prices typically ranging from $2.50 – $5.25. 

One of my favorite drinks that I recommend to anyone who stops by are the iced mochas. They are not too sweet but not bitter and it’s always a go to for me. Another one of my favorite drinks is just the simple cup of hot chocolate. It’s a classic but somehow they make it taste so much better. My all time favorite though would definitely be the vanilla peppermint cappuccino. I usually get it around Christmas time whenever I go because it is just one of those drinks that just tastes like Christmas. 

I 100% recommend stopping by the Clay Cup anytime you are in the area. They offer affordable coffee, and also a fun activity that anyone can enjoy.