Hetrick pulls prank on Nedimyer


Cassidy Klock

Vice principal, Vincent Nedimyer gets pranked by English teacher, Alyssa Hetrick. The prank’s prize was a Tiktok video with Nedimyer.

Cassidy Klock , Associate Editor

On March 1, a sign appeared outside of principal Vincent Nedimyer’s office. The sign was about a contest students could participate in and guess Nedimyer’s age for a chance to win the opportunity to make a TikTok video with him. 

Initially, Nedimyer did not know who made the sign or who began the contest. However, as the days unfolded, it became clear to him that it was English teacher Alyssa Hetrick’s doing. 

“I laughed when I saw the contest. I’ve known Mrs. Hetrick for a while now, so I take stuff like that in stride. I don’t mind being the butt of a joke or prank,” Nedimyer said.  

Hetrick, over the years, has pulled numerous pranks on different teachers around the school in hopes to keep the school more of a light-hearted place. Hetrick states that she enjoys pulling pranks for a reason others might not think of. 

“We teachers and administrators love what we do; but like any job, our jobs aren’t free from stress,” Hertick said. “I wanted to start playing pranks to make people laugh, to brighten their days, even just a little bit. I don’t know what future pranks will be pulled, and I don’t know who I’ll pull them on, but I do know there will be more.” 

The number that was said to be Nedimyer’s age, 62, is not actually correct. Nedimyer is currently 42 years old. 

“Mr. Neely actually started that; [that Nedimyer was 62] and no, I am not 62. For some reason Mr. Neely likes to act like a comedian, and I think he should put this in his next stand up act. I turned 42 on Sunday [March 13],” Nedimyer said.

Hetrick’s inspiration for this prank came along when art teacher John King from the junior high, and Hetrick actually pulled off a very similar prank a few years ago. They asked students to guess guidance counselor Damon Luciano’s age. The winner didn’t get a TikTok video, but it was still a lot of fun.

“It was actually a bit of a team effort. Journalism adviser, Wanda Vanish, provided me with his yearbook photo. Karen Dixon made that into a larger poster for me. An English teacher (whose name wishes to be kept anonymous) has hall duty outside Mr. Nedimyer’s office first period. She was integral in telling students to make guesses and providing paper. Mr. Neely was the one who took the prank to the next level by announcing the winner for me over the announcements. I love that it was a team effort. It makes things more fun for everyone,” Hetrick said. 

This prank, however, was not Hetrick’s first. Her first ever prank was on geography teacher Cynthia Danish during Hetrick’s fourth year of teaching. 

“I borrowed a very realistic looking rat from Ms. McCaulley’s Halloween decorations and stuck it in Mrs. Danish’s desk drawer. I believe she did scream in front of her students when she found it, but as it turns out, she kept that rat, named it, and it became a joke she had with her students,” Hetrick said.

The winner of this contest was senior Ethan Hileman.

“To be honest, I really did not even guess 62. I can see how this is one of Mr. Neely’s little jokes,” Hileman said.

Nedimyer wants everyone to know that he will be participating in the TikTok with Hileman. 

“With Ethan winning, I’m sure that it was rigged. I am not opposed to it. I also know that he will not let it die, so I am sure at some point in my future that will be happening,” Nedimyer said. 

Hileman will be proceeding with the TikTok and is planning out a day to create it. 

“I’m planning on making the TikTok during second period sometime soon. And Mr. Nedimyer is right: I am not going to let this die,” Hileman said.