Fall sports choose captains


Allison Little

Fall sports are officially in season. Teams have chosen who will be the team’s representing captains.

Allison Little, Associate Editor

All fall sports are officially in session so teams have chosen captains to represent their teams. Captains are responsible to motivate, lead and care for all the players. 

Boys’ soccer

Kade Black, Christopher Bartley and Eli McCoon are the three captains for the boys’ soccer team. They are all seniors who have played soccer every year they were in high school. The coach, Dave McCarter, chooses the captains each year. 

Sophomore Colton Chathams feels as if the captains are doing a great job. 

“Kade, Christopher and Eli have been really good captains so far this year. They have been great leaders on and off the field,” Chathams said. 

Black thinks that he doesn’t need to necessarily be captain to be a leader on the team. 

“You don’t need a band around your arm to know you’re good,” Black said. 

Girls’ soccer

The girls’ soccer team decides who will be the captains based on a vote by all players on the team. There are three captains: Maura Kiser, Quinn DeAntonio and Delany Wisor. All captains are seniors this year; although, any grade level on the team could be voted captain. 

“Personally I feel as though I am very vocal, whether I’m on the field or off the field. It is my way of leading the team and I try to do it to the best of my abilities. As a captain, you want to make sure your team is one with each other, and being able to vocalize among one another can really make a team stronger,” Kiser said. 

Quinn DeAntonio is a goalkeeper, so she has always had to be a natural leader on the field. 

“Well I’ve been a goalkeeper for almost 10 years, and I just really enjoy it because it’s an adrenaline rush. Yes, it does get stressful at times, but all of it is worth it when I make that big save. I am honored that my team voted me to be one of the captains. Being a captain gives me a lot of responsibility for the team, but there are two other captains on the team, and we just lead the team to the best of our ability. Wanting the team to succeed is what motivates me to be a captain,” DeAntonio said.  

M. Kiser’s sister, Lauren Kiser, was a captain on the team last year, so M. Kiser knows what it looks like to be a leader. 

“I did not expect to be captain. It was a huge surprise that I’m very grateful for. I enjoy being captain a lot. It shows me that my other teammates look up to me as a leader,” M. Kiser said. 

Boys’ cross country 

There are no officially selected captains for boys’ cross country. James D’Angelo is the team’s coach.

“We prefer to have leaders instead of captains. Leadership can be vocal or just lead by example and actions. We have many leaders on our boys’ cross-country team regardless of age or grade,” D’Angelo said. 

As long as D’Angleo has been coaching, there have been no captains. 

“There are many boys on this year’s cross-country team who have emerged as leaders or are starting to emerge as leaders,” D’Angleo said. 

Girls’ cross country 

There are no officially selected captains for girls’ cross country. Tabitha Quinn is the team’s coach.

“As a team, we work on leadership skills, for all-it does not matter if the girls are returning runners, seniors or new runners. It does not matter if the top girl out distances our least experienced girl on the team. What does matter is that teamwork is crucial, ” Quinn said.  

Sophomore Gracie Gioiosa is on the girls’ cross country team. 

“Being new to the team I really like how all the girls have been so encouraging and have been amazing leaders. Even though we don’t elect technical captains, many of the girls have shown great encouragement to me and the rest of the girls,” Gioiosa said 

Quinn believes that many girls are still leaders for the team. 

“For various practices or meets, on the course or off the course, we have girls who step up and volunteer depending upon each circumstance. Certainly, our two senior runners, Maddie Cowfer and Reese Wilber, both offer amazing support- with each possessing a strong sense of leadership based on their running experience and mindset. Leadership is more than athletic ability. There are certain underclassmen who are great leaders when it comes to goal setting, providing emotional support or a listening ear-while others are fabulous in helping the girls focus, become more organized or offer help with time management or academics,” Quinn said.  

Varsity football 

Instead of having set captains, football rotates through captains each week. Nick Hogan, Manny Miller, Alex Yost and Tyson Reid are the captains for this week. 

Sophomore Branson Adams likes the way football captains rotate. 

“I believe it provides opportunities for more people to step into leadership positions, and I hope it continues so I can have the opportunity to be a captain later in high school,” Adams said. 

Sophomore Clavin Troutman likes the way football captions work. 

“I think it’s a good way to show who worked the hardest all year. It displays our best leaders. Alex, Tyson, Nick, and Manny are great leaders, and I’m glad they are captains for this week, ” Troutman said.

Branson Adams starts varsity football. 

“Yes, I do like how the football captains work because it gives coaches an opportunity to let multiple people go into leadership positions,” Adams said. 

Girls’ volleyball

There are three captains for girls volleyball. Aunye Counsman, Nyelah Stroble, Nora Reed are the chosen captains. 

Sophomore Ava Steinbugl plays volleyball. 

“The captains are doing a good job. I think that they are really close with the team and are always there if anyone from the team needs something,” Steinbugl said. 

Unlike football captains, volleyball captains will remain captains for the rest of the year. 

Girls’ tennis 

There are no selected captains for girls’ tennis. 

Sophomore Courtney Irwin likes the way there are no captains for her sport. 

“I’ve never had a captain in any of the sports I’ve played, so it doesn’t make a big difference to me. Although, there are a few girls who step into leadership positions. Morgan Stevens and Sophia Caputa are great teammates,” Irwin said.  

Sophomore Isabella Graham agrees that Stevens and Caputa act like captains on the team. 

“Morgan and Sophia are long-term members of the tennis team, and to me, it feels right for them to lead us. Over the years they have both played, they learned the ins and outs of the team and how Altoona tennis works. Their skill and level of competition is something to look up to for younger members of the team like myself,” Graham said.