The qualities of an exceptional student


Lincoln Frank

Due diligence. Sophomore Ava Cabell finishes her homework during a club meeting. It is important for students to use time wisely and use any opportunity to get work done.

Throughout one’s schooling experience, there are qualities students can develop in order to be more efficient and ultimately more successful students. Some students might have already developed one or more of these qualities, but they can always learn more. Anyone can improve their qualities as a student simply by learning new skills and applying them to their own lives.

One trait students should try to implement into their lives is a passion for what they are learning. It is common sense that a person would do better in a subject they find a personal interest in or, at the very least, can have fun doing.

If someone simply cannot seem to find passion for a subject, then find a a way to connect the subject to something enjoyable. For example, if one hates history but loves reading stories, try to view history from a narrative perspective, looking at historical events like an unfolding story.

Students should also build a positive attitude toward their responsibilities as a student. Rather than seeing classwork as a burden, one should look at it as an opportunity to experience new things and develop skills.

If someone dreads doing a task, it undoubtedly will hinder their ability to complete the task at hand. This means it is important to see the enjoyable side of whatever activities one might be participating in.

An effective student should possess what is referred to as a growth mindset. A growth mindset is the idea that anything is achievable given the right approach is used to get there. Instead of thinking they can’t do something, people should consider what other things need to be done in order to make it happen.

It is also important to have courage when faced with difficult situations, as students will encounter a variety of difficult situations throughout their lives. This will help students to take risks and ultimately amass more experience and knowledge throughout their life.

Getting involved in the community is also a great way to increase one’s quality of education. Joining a club or other group in or out of school is a great way to improve personal interests and maybe even develop new ones.

Proper communication with teachers and peers has a notable effect on the success of a student as well. If a student has questions about an assignment, then they should ask their teacher for help rather than going at it alone. Discussion with peers is also a good tool to both understand and retain information learned in class.

Organization is something that I once struggled with during school; it is important to stay organized in order to complete work on time as well and allow for a generally easier time going about one’s business.

A good student should also strive to connect learning with life. Students should link the ideas they learn to real life situations and events. This will build a better understanding of the world as well as strengthen understanding.

In the pursuit of becoming the best student possible, it is important not to forget to care about one’s mental health. Anxiety and depression have proven to be commonplace in the modern school system, and they have a vastly negative effect on the effectiveness of students. As of 2019, the CDC made a statement that at least one in three teens suffers from some form of consistent sadness or depression. Enjoyment is a key aspect of a person’s education, and it is important for students to have at least some fun in school.

At this point students might think they couldn’t possibly begin to learn all of these qualities, but they might already possess some and only need to sharpen them into more beneficial traits by putting them into practice. Many of these traits might lead to the development of other healthy habits which will ultimately help in one’s journey on improving as a student.

Developing even a few of these qualities is a great way to learn more, enjoy learning and become a more successful student. These traits not only help students to understand material they are presented with, but help them actively enjoy partaking in their own education. These skills are something every student should try to learn during their school experience.