Santa Claus keeps busy this time of year

Santa Claus keeps busy this time of year

Ben Blackie and Sonia Yost

No one knows how the famous, jolly man in a red suit spends his days. Many people might assume that a day in Santa Claus’ life is easy, but those people would be wrong.

Santa starts his day at 7 a.m. by waking up and eating breakfast cookies.

“I start each day the same way, so that I am able to keep my shape,” Claus said.

Then he leaves his house to feed the reindeer at 8 a.m. Santa’s reindeer eat seven carrots and three handfuls of sprinkles for breakfast.

After feeding and grooming the reindeer, he checks in with the elves to make sure they are on task. Each elf needs to produce 11 toys each hour and as Christmas comes closer, their quota is raised each day.

“I produce Etch A Sketch, and I love to write messages on the boards for the kids,” Jolly the head elf said.

After making sure that the elves are staying on task, Santa eats a healthy lunch at the North Pole’s Cafeteria. Each day, the cafeteria serves a different type of cookie. Santa’s favorite cookie is the classic chocolate chip.

“My mother used to bake me chocolate chip cookies to cheer me up whenever I was feeling sad, so now whenever I eat one, no matter what my mood is, I become happy,” Santa said.

Santa’s golden retriever, Tinsel, needs to be walked twice a day. In the morning, Mrs. Clause walks him. Then, around 3 p.m. Santa also takes Tinsel for a walk.

Walking Tinsel takes a lot of energy, so Santa relaxes by looking on the internet to find out what the most popular toys are for that year.

“I find that every year the toys change a lot, so we have to be prepared to make whatever the kids want,” Claus said.

After finding the new toys, Santa eats the meal that Mrs. Clause chooses to prepare for that day.

At 7 p.m. Santa checks in with the elves one last time before going to bed. He makes sure that the workstations are clean and the elves are all wearing safety helmets.

By 8 p.m. Santa is asleep and ready to wake up for the next day.