Students need to be more thankful for education


Allison Little

Sophomore Samantha Hopkins works hard in her Broadcasting class. She was finishing an edit that the whole school got to see.

An education is one, if not the, most important thing someone will ever receive in his or her life. An education leads to a healthy future, financial security and the ability to improve society. Today in America people are undervaluing the importance of an education, and they should be more appreciative of the amazing opportunity it provides. 

According to Statista, only 66 percent of the world’s population has attained a secondary education. This leaves 36 percent of the world’s population without a secondary education. Students in American high schools should realize how lucky they are to be given the opportunity to be in the 66 percent. 

All kids in America have the right to a free public education, but this is not always the case around the world. According to One Track International, there are lots of countries that do not offer free primary education, including: Cameroon, Colombia, Maldives, and Sudan. Students should realize how privileged they are to receive a free education, for many children their age around the world might not be as lucky as them. Education is so valuable for the future, and schooling in America is something that should not be taken for granted. 

For society to grow, people need to be educated. Students can get an education for their self-interest, but bettering themselves also creates opportunities for the future, better home lives and financial security. Education leads to better communication in individuals relationships and all-around better moral standards. 

Students should appreciate education for the economic opportunities it provides their country and environment. According to UoPeople, when an entire society is educated, productivity increases, average income increases and unemployment decreases. According to statista, 87 percent of Americans claim to be at least a little patriotic, so the majority of people should want to make their country better by receiving an education. 

In some cases, when students don’t understand or appreciate education, they tend to behave worse in class. This behavior disrupts not only the teacher but other students who want to learn. Great education with a classroom of students who have a want to learn should be the standard everywhere, and when students don’t understand how lucky they are to be taught and distract others in class, the standard decreases and the level of education is lowered. 

Education opens a pathway for students to better themselves, and education provides more opportunities for the future. According to Truthout, 75 percent of new jobs require individuals to have a bachelor’s degree. As of 2022, one of the highest paying jobs is a surgeon, and to become a surgeon, individuals need at least four years of college, five years in medical school, and some time at residency.  The clearest path to a successful career is through education. 

According to Do Something, a higher percentage of young adults (31 percent) without a high school diploma live in poverty, compared to the 24 percent of young people who finished high school. Students should appreciate their education because it allows hope for them to be financially secure in the future. Financial security is one of the most important things to be happy in life, so when education leads to financial success, students should acknowledge this and be appreciative of learning. 

My father is a teacher, my mother is a chief financial officer(CFO) and my brother attends college, so education has always been something very important to my family. I have always enjoyed learning, and I found many of my classes to be interesting. Ever since my father was my teacher, I have loved school. Learning provides opportunities for me to better myself and to become a more well-rounded person for society. Education is very important to me, and I believe that high school students need to be more appreciative. 

Being educated should be viewed as a privilege rather than a nuisance. I hear many high school students complaining about having to go to school, and I understand how it can be frustrating, but people having the opportunity to better themselves should be more appreciated. 

Education is tremendously important in a young person’s life, so high school students should be more appreciative of the free education they are receiving.