Swim team defeats Tyrone in every event


Miley Naugle

Almost there. The 5,000 yard race consists of 20 laps, down being one and back being two. The swim team has boards they can put into the water to show the swimmer what lap they are on, they also have different movements to tell the swimmer to go faster or slower.

On Wednesday, Jan. 4, the boys’ and girls’ swim team beat Tyrone. The team started with a victory in the first relay race. By the end of the meet, Altoona had won every event.

“It’s kind of rare to win every event. We don’t often get that. There are 11 different events for boys and 11 for girls during every given meet,” head coach Nanette Cummings said. 

Seniors Patryck Webster and Gwen Fox both came in first place in their events. Both Webster and Fox participated in distance events. Both of the seniors have been competing since their freshman year. 

“I did cross country, and I didn’t want to run all year long. I figured I needed a break, and I have always loved swimming. It was just something extra to do,” Fox said.

Despite the overall victory in her category, Fox is still disappointed with the outcome of her score. 

“I dropped time in my 500, but I didn’t drop time in my 200. I’m kind of upset about that,” Fox said. 

Overall, there are 26 different events during any given swim meet. Each event has different scoring guidelines. 

“It is the first person who comes in and touches the pad. It is scored for individuals. First gets six points, second gets four points, third gets three points, fourth gets two points, fifth gets one point and sixth doesn’t get any points. Then in relay races, first place gets eight points, second gets four points and third gets two points,” Cummings said.