Student Council Holds Food Drive


Jada Quinn

Many teachers and students contributed to the holiday food drive. Organizers provided a list of items needed that were placed in laundry baskets.

Jada Quinn, Reporter

During the week of Dec. 10, the student council collected food for less fortunate families by doing a food drive. Many teachers participated in this event and asked their students for help with bringing in food and other materials such as toilet paper, paper towels and tissues.

“We have a lot of stuff to give people besides just the food,” student council adviser David Aboud said.

The school has been organizing the food drive for many years now.

“We’ve done it every year for thirty some years. We always did a canned food drive, and we realized there is a need in our own building for students and their families,” Aboud said.

The food drive was a way of bringing the school together to bring in food and other supplies for families who can’t afford them on their own.

“Were helping people in our own building which I think is important,” Aboud said.  Student council was the lead of this and came up with the idea to do it. There are many other ways our school could also contribute to the community. There are always ways to contribute, in February we’re doing a cereal food drive to fill the pantry of St. Vincent DePaul,” Aboud said.

Many teachers participated in the food drive as a way to contribute to the community. Students in the school went the extra mile in order to help out others.

“Kids are asked to do a lot, but always come through. We are pulled in many different directions, but everyone always finds a way to help out,” student council adviser Holly Metzler said.

Students all came together to hold this food drive and make it successful.

“People your age need to find the importance of helping others,” Aboud said.