“Ginny and Georgia” season two makes its debut


Myah Lear

Show time. “Ginny and Georgia” premiered on Feb. 24, 2021. Season two aired nearly two years later.

Netflix may be lacking in some areas lately, but the show “Ginny and Georgia” seemed to amuse. On Jan. 5, season two of “Ginny and Georgia” dropped with ten episodes. “Ginny and Georgia” season one premiered on Netflix on Feb. 24, 2021, and season two didn’t air until nearly two years after its original release date. The two year delay was worth the wait.

The show follows Ginny Miller, played by Antonia Gentry, as she and her family try to settle down in a town called Wellsbury. Ginny’s mother, Georgia Miller, played by Brianne Howey, makes the choice to move so her children can have a better life. While trying to settle down, Ginny learns more about her mother’s past and begins to navigate her new life in Wellsbury.

Season one developed the characters and created the world of “Ginny and Georgia.” Season two did not let viewers down with its continuation of the story. The season delves deeper into the psyche of its characters; however, the main focus is truly on its portrayal of relationships. The complex mother-daughter bond of Ginny and Georgia is an emotional rollercoaster. The realistic conflict between friends is shown through Maxine, Abby, Norah and Ginny (MANG). The romance that brews between Ginny and Marcus is beneficial to Ginny but harmful to Marcus.

The show is filled to the brim with drama, and season two is no different. Ginny goes through many different problems with people around her. Even when she is having issues with her mother, she still tries her best to protect her. She has some disagreements with her friends group, and she has to learn to navigate a relationship with Marcus.

While the show’s drama may not be entirely realistic, it does have some factors that people nowadays could relate to. At the end of season one MANG is thrown into chaos which may be relatable for some. Season two tackles solving this problem between friends, and viewers get to see the group in some unforeseen ways.

Viewers see in “Ginny and Georgia” that the characters go through some pretty relatable situations. Marcus and Ginny’s side of the story can be considered gut wrenching to some. It helps shed light on Marcus’s struggle with his own mental health while also trying to help Ginny navigate her own. Viewers see their relationship progress and evolve as the season progresses and this can be endearing to some and sad for others. Ginny tries to look for methods to help with her own mental health and shows many that it is okay to reach out for help if they need it.

While season two may be good, it also has its downfalls. It has a ton of chaos. The drama could easily be what attracts people to watch a show, but sometimes it’s too much. It tries to tackle so many different issues at the same time, which may work for some of the season but not all of it. It focuses on the drama rather than the relationship between Ginny and Georgia, which is the backbone of the show, hence the title. However, while the writers may have missed this mark a bit, it still somehow doesn’t make the season any less outstanding.

While the season is filled with a lot of drama between its characters, it managed to avoid being confusing. Like stated previously, there is a lot going on in season two; however, it logically progresses so that it is difficult to get lost and confused in the story.

The show did very well with casting its flashback actors, as well. The actor who was cast to play young Georgia, Nikki Roumel, could easily pass as a real young Howey in real life. This isn’t only present in the actors that play Georgia either. The two actors cast to play Zion, Nathan Mitchell and Kyle Bary, also have a striking resemblance. This helps make it more believable to people watching the show.

“Ginny and Georgia” is available to watch on Netflix. If you like a fast paced and drama filled show, it may be the show for you, but be ready for the cliffhanger at the end of the season. My rating on this season of “Ginny and Georgia” is a solid 8.5/10.