Wendy’s wins over McDonald’s


There has always been a discussion in terms of which is the better fast food chain, Wendy’s or McDonald’s. There is only one right answer, and it is clear cut. Wendy’s. 

First, the quality of the food you’re getting at Wendy’s is overall better than at McDonald’s. The food is better tasting, and the texture of their food  is better than McDonald’s.  Plus, Wendy’s food is always fresh. McDonald’s lets food lay for minutes back in the kitchen, such as their fries and nuggets. Nobody wants to eat food that is not fresh, especially with the kind of money they’re spending for it. 

The menu at Wendy’s has better variety than McDonald’s. There is a better selection of foods to choose from on Wendy’s menu. For example Wendy’s has their signature Frosty’s with different flavors. They have many different types of burgers such as the Baconator, Dave’s single, Pretzel bacon pub triple, and many others. McDonald’s does offer a Big Mac, but other than that there are mainly plain double cheese burgers that are nothing to get real excited about. Wendy’s fries top McDonald’s. You’re always either getting fries that are too salty or not salty enough at McDonald’s, but at Wendy’s they are perfectly balanced. Plus at Wendy’s they give you an option to upgrade your fries to the Baconator fries which come with cheese and bacon. Wendy’s foods are made with better ingredients and have less fat and sodium than McDonald’s.

Pricing is another factor that makes going to Wendy’s better than going to McDonald’s. Wendy’s has the 4 for 4 deal which comes with 4 nuggets, fries, a burger of your choosing and a drink. That’s a good amount of food you’re getting for only the price of $4. They also have the $5 biggie bag which is similar to the 4 for 4, but you can upgrade to a better burger for only $1 more. At McDonald’s they offer no such deals like that. You get more of what you’re paying for at Wendy’s rather than McDonald’s.

When driving on the Blvd. and trying to decide which drive through to pull into, it should be an easy decision. Wendy’s.