Principal changes for senior class


McKenzie Quirin

Welcome! This year the senior class will notice a new assistant principal. Vince Nedimyer Jr. takes over as the principal. Nedimyer is in charge of the senior class and coaching the football team.

McKenzie Quirin, Reporter

As this school year comes to a start, senior students will notice a change in principal.  This year the senior class welcomes Vince Nedimyer Jr. as their new principal. 

Nedimyer served as principal at the William P. Kimmel Alternative School last year.

“We [the staff]  can get moved around with the degrees we have and this is definitely different from the other alternative school. The team aspect with the other principals is good,” Nedimyer said. 

Nedimyer expects leadership to come from the senior class this year.

“I expect them [the senior class] to be leaders and goal-oriented. I hope they are comfortable to come to talk to me if they ever need anything,” Nedimyer said.

Nedimyer describes his leadership style as leading by example.  Nedimyer believes that leading by example, he is vocal and upfront.

“I think goals are all different, and I hope all students’ goals are to graduate and or move on and to have a positive outlook on life,” Nedimyer said. 

From Nedimyer’s point of view, he believes talking to students is important in fostering the relationship between a principal and each student.

“I like to talk to kids and get to know them. I have a rapport with students from the junior high as I was a physical education teacher over there. I hope to help them move forward and guide them to the future,” Nedimyer said.

Although Nedimyer is the new senior class principal, he is also the new varsity football coach. 

“It is tough but I am fortunate to be around a secretary and all of the principals that allow me to do what I do and teach me every day,” Nedimyer said. 

Head principal Andrew Neely offeredadvice to Nedimyer throughout his first year being the new principal. 

“I would say to make all decisions be good decisions in regards to the students,” Neely said.

Senior Raechelle Watkavitch and Eve Ergler have similar opinions on the decision to have Nedimyer as senior class principal.

“I feel like he has great ideas, and he is going to open up multiple doors for many seniors,” Watkavitch said.

“I feel like he is pretty cool,” Ergler said.