Student body lacks involvement in school, sports and activities 


Sonia Yost

Roar! The mascot looks on during a football game. The Mt. Lion helps cheer on the teams and pep of the student section. Too often that student section has empty seats that could be filled.

Ben Blackie, Reporter

Pride. This word sticks whenever anyone thinks about American high schools. It seems as if throughout the years, teens have lost their sense of meaning in their school. No longer do students want to achieve or make their school better than it already is. No longer do students feel as if “we’re all in this together.” It seems as if students now are no longer interested in being involved in school activities.

Nowadays students follow the idea that whatever their friends do, they have to do it too. A choice they made last weekend, doesn’t define who they are today. The type of person someone may like has nothing to do with other people. Their political opinion has nothing to do with the type of person they are. Students need to remember that they’re all the same. Yeah, everyone is different but is truly everyone different? Why waste four years hating someone? Why waste four years trying to impress other people? While students judge others, their four long years almost feel as if they were 2. They shouldn’t focus on the imperfections or the different qualities others may have. They should learn to embrace the differences.

High school could be a completely different experience if students wouldn’t follow the crowd. Students should get over the fact that being involved is “stupid.” One reasons why teens don’t get involved anymore is time. Some think that “I already spend six hours here. Why should I spend any more time there?” or “It’s embarrassing.” They should join the clubs they’re interested in not because their friends are in them but because they actually like to do whatever the club does. 

Students are here, with each other, for four years. Students should join the clubs they want to. Not because their friends are in them or the field trip at the end of the year. They should join them because they enjoy helping others; they enjoy acting or even because they enjoy playing chess. 

Stop wasting time just being present.  Actually participate and make the school and community a better place.