School board to decide major changes for 2020 year

Ben Blackie, Reporter

Over the past two years, students and teachers have been waiting for the new “B” building. With the new school, other things will be changed as well. Principals are hoping for an eight period day. Along with the new period, students will have a “D” lunch and a 45 minute period.

“We are hoping to move to the eight period day. We are still waiting on the school board to approve it. Mr. Hatch and I had spoken to the school board two weeks ago to make sure that they were on board,” Principal Andrew Neeley said. 

With the possible eight period day, students will be able to have an extra elective in their schedule.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to choose more electives, ” junior Natalie Boose said.

The whole purpose of making this change is to allow students to have more flexibility with their schedules. I’m a firm believer that high school is a place to explore what you’re interested in. ”

— Neely

Along with the possible eighth period, classes will be changed to 45 minutes.

“Teachers will have to be more selective with what activities they plan and materials they choose to cover,” English teacher Nichole Harris said.

In addition to an extra period, a fourth lunch will also be added.

“We are going to run lunch during fifth period, and we will have a fourth lunch known as ‘D’ lunch. The “D” lunch will serve the students that have school to career, community service or work experience,” Neely said.

Although classes will be cut shorter, there will still be five minutes in between periods.

“We would just shorten the class,” Neely said.